Things To Do In Newtown: Pride Guide Sydney 2024

Things To Do In Newtown: Pride Guide Sydney 2024
Image: Imperial Hotel, Newtown. Image: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras/Facebook

The gateway to the inner city, Newtown is a culturally diverse and inclusive meeting hub with plenty to explore. Once a working-class suburb, the neighbourhood is now paved with fabulous shopping and dining experiences in a bright industrial setting.

It has become a haven for alternative artists and creators, shifting the 19th-century brick buildings into an incredible street art gallery. The town now welcomes all colours of the rainbow.

Image: Newtown Hotel/Facebook

Similar to other city centres, Newtown presents drivers with limited parking place so public transport is highly recommended. Newtown is easily accessible by buses from all around the inner city.

From Central Station, it is only three train stops away from Newtown Station, where you will be dropped off in the centre of all the action. Your runway will be King Street.

It slithers through the town and leads you towards Enmore and Erskineville. This main street and accompanying roads hold so many eateries and retail shops that will make you want to come back for more.

Start your day off at one of the incredible all-day cafes and bakeries throughout the area. Brunch queens will have a field day checking out each coffee shop’s own unique cultural influence or perspective on traditional roasts and delights.

Image: Route 66/Facebook

Get your wake-up shot from the Shenkin Espresso Bar which is filled with classic brews and European delights right in the centre of King Street.

If you’re looking for more variety, take a trip further up the road to the Pastizzi Café, which is stacked with Maltese pastry goods and pasta meals.

King Street and Enmore Road hold treasure in the various thrift stores. These op shops have become a popular destination for both locals and visitors who can snag a great deal and find eclectic pieces for their wardrobe.

For cowboys and chap lovers, Route 66 holds a collection of authentic Western clothing. For streetwear and designer items, Storeroom Vintage holds plenty of fresh designer items ready to be worn out once again.

While you’re here, why not pick up a new hobby. From vintage camera shops like Sydney Super8 to art collectables from Vintage 585, there are plenty of collectables to be found.

Melomaniacs will go wild among the array of vinyl and music memorabilia shops, such as Hum On King and Repressed Records.

Image: Inner West Council/Facebook

With a strapping new look and hobby ready to talk about, you can find some place to dance the night away. In the evening, Newtown lights up with fabulous bars and clubs calling you in.

The Bank Hotel is a great pub for a hearty meal, dancing and chat breaks with friends. It hosts dance parties and performances throughout the week, and it is a great bridge to cross to the weekend.

If you’re looking for some good frocks, visit the crown jewel of the inner city. The Imperial Erskineville, down Erskineville Road, is a legendary queer institution.

The ‘Impy’ is a multilevel bar and club featuring drag performances and party opportunities in abundance. Watch the sunset from its rooftop, enjoy dinner and a drag show, and let time disappear as you boogie on their multiple dance floors.

So if you’re looking to bar hop, or simply for an adventurous night out, let Newtown be your playground.

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