Gay Scene: weekly news wrap-up

Gay Scene: weekly news wrap-up

Advocacy group The Equality Campaign has joined Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, leaders across the AFL and advocates for marriage equality to call on the government to deliver marriage equality with a parliamentary vote.

“The message from everyone today was loud and clear to all federal MPs, it’s time to do your job and introduce marriage equality in line with the clear wishes and values of the Australian people,” said Tiernan Brady, executive director of The Equality Campaign.

“It is easy in the middle of all the politics to forget what or rather who this is about. Marriage equality is about real people, our friends and family, teammates and work colleagues who just want the same dignity as everyone else in their families.”


Liberal MP Warren Entsch has called out the way the marriage equality debate has unfolded in Australia, advising colleagues of his that have condemned his advocacy for a free vote to “have the balls to actually put their names to it”.

Recent reports have suggested that four Liberal MPs including Entsch, Trevor Evans, Tim Wilson, and Trent Zimmerman may cross the floor on the issue when it comes to a head in parliament, in light of a private members’ bill that has been drafted by Liberal Senator Dean Smith and will likely be introduced this month.

Entsch said the best way to handle the issue is to have a free vote.

“All I am asking for is to have a bloody vote,” he said.


Researchers have observed a large group of dolphins engaging in “bisexual” acts off the coast on Western Australia.

The Mandurah Dolphin Research Project, which spotted the dolphins in the Shark Bay area, wants to know why male bottlenose dolphins are so prone to having gay sex.

“In Shark Bay, where male dolphins form lifelong alliances, socio-sexual interactions between males are more common than between females or between the sexes,”  said Krista Nicholson from Murdoch University.


You might be wondering what’s up with all the references to “right in front of my salad”, a phrase that was trending on Twitter overnight.

The line was used in a recent gay porn scene that featured two men having sex in a kitchen in front of a woman eating a salad – a clip that has since gone viral.

“Are you guys fucking?” says the woman in the video. “Are you serious?! Right in front of my salad?!” The scene comes from Private Lesson Part 3 and features actors Jake Porter and Jaxton Wheeler.

The flustered “right in front of my salad” woman has become an overnight hit on social media.


The Australian Human Rights Commission’s report on sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities has found that LGBTI students face higher rates of sexual assault and harassment on campus than their cis and straight peers.

The landmark data in the report was based on a survey completed by more than 30,000 university students across all 39 Australian universities.

The data found that 44 per cent of students that identified as bisexual and 38 per cent of students that identified as gay or lesbian were sexually harassed in a university setting last year, compared to 23 per cent of straight-identifying students.

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