Hey Gaymers!: Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter World, and a new Final Fantasy

Hey Gaymers!: Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter World, and a new Final Fantasy
Image: Bayonetta 2 is getting a release on the Nintendo Switch.

A widely anticipated game that has been in development for years has finally launched on both the PS4 and Xbox: Monster Hunter World.

This game comes from a very hot legacy set by its predecessors and allows you to venture on quests alone, facing hordes of stunning monsters or in groups with random people online, and no matter which way you decide, it will have you immersed completely in an epic adventure.

A re-release I don’t think I have ever seen people get so excited about is Bayonetta 2 for the Nintendo Switch, coming with an extremely popular hero that is just the tits.

This game was previously only released on the unfortunately low selling Wii U and left fans very disappointed. But now, you get to purchase the second game which comes with a free download code for the first.

If you are anything like me and want to fight on top of soaring jets, fight angels, or just torture your foes, this game is worth the investment.

A new competitive online gamer has just released Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which has over 30 years of history behind it.

It’s a game partnership that lets you choose from over 20 fan favourites in up to three-on-three in the arena.

If you love threesomes as much as I and are a big FF fan – no, not that kind – then this game deserves some of your precious gayming time.

Before I leave you for another month, I will discuss Nintendo’s sneaky little mini direct (their rare online videos where they spill the tea about upcoming games) and look… I’m not a huge fan of sport games, I won’t lie, but I do love anything that has our favourite plumber in it.

Mario Tennis Aces was my favourite part of this direct and will launch at some point this year; keep an eye out for more news on this awesome looking tennis game set in the ever growing Mushroom Kingdom.

Catch all you sexy Gaymers next month!

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