Hey Gaymers!: Resident Evil 2, Jump Force

Hey Gaymers!: Resident Evil 2, Jump Force

The year is sashaying away before our eyes, so it’s probably best I tell you the best games to focus on in February to save you time guessing what to play.

Let’s start with an epic collaboration no-one really saw coming: Jump Force.

The game sees an interesting lineup of our favourite manga heroes – from Dragon Ball Z, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, and Yugioh – face the real world.

From the footage I have seen so far, the game looks unique, and is basically a new fighting style game with an adventure mode.

I find it’s always a great bonus when a melee game includes an in-depth storyline and it’s even fiercer when the graphics look incredible too.

Nevertheless, this game will be any anime fan’s dream, with a big dose of nostalgia and a fun time.

I mentioned it last month, but due to its hype it will need another name drop: Anthem.

This game launches mid-Feb on Xbox and PS4 and has all the gaymer fan pages sharing new information, hints, and footage daily.

It’s a game that anyone who loves playing with fellow gaymers will be ready to invest in when it drops; I feel it’s all anyone will be playing.

Fly around in an Exo-Suit, defeat colossal monsters, and explore a stunning world while achieving milestones, and maybe save the fate of humanity while doing it.

Last up is a killer game that launched at the end of last month, but simply could not be missed as the reviews have been so positive: Resident Evil 2.

A re-make of the classic genre breaking series from over 20 years ago, the new game has an over-the-shoulder camera experience and modern day graphics.

If you are new to the series, Resident Evil is truly the original and best zombie game ever made, and it inspired six awesome films.

Play this on PS4 or Xbox and take a trip down memory lane, while gripping that controller around every corner with the game’s gruesome, realistic photo-like visuals.

Think February sounds good? Get used to it every month gaymers, because 2019 will be brilliant.

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