Absolutely Fabulous Confirms A Return To TV This Year

Absolutely Fabulous Confirms A Return To TV This Year
Image: SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 31: Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders arrives ahead of the Absolutely Fabulous The Movie Australian premiere at State Theatre on July 31, 2016 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

In nostalgic news that has fans buzzing with excitement, Absolutely Fabulous creator Jennifer Saunders has confirmed a special return for the program.

Whilst it is not a reboot or a reunion for the program, it will see the series creators reunite on screen again.

And fans won’t have to wait to long to see them.

Absolutely Fabulous cast to reunite

Created by Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French, Absolutely Fabulous first burst onto television screens in 1992.

Fans around the world fell in love with the ridiculous antics of Eddie and Patsy as they went on to become icons in the gay community.

Despite officially ending in 1996 the show returned in 2001 and later spawned the Absolutely Fabulous movie in 2016.

After the success of the film many fans have long campaigned for the return of the show despite Saunders long ruling it out as a possibility.

Now their prayers have been answered, somewhat.

This week an official announcement was made that a retrospective documentary will be released later this year.

The documentary will of course feature both Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, joining them will be Jane Horrocks who played Eddie’s oddball assistant and Julia Sawalha who featured as Eddie’s daughter Saffron.

Reflection and a tribute

Much like the hotly anticipated Kath & Kim reunion, the Absolutely Fabulous reunion will follow a similar format.

The four cast members will be joined by various other cast members and behind the scenes operators as well as celebrity cameos and guest spots from famous fans.

They will look back on the making of the show and explore all the best behind the scenes moments, something Jennifer Saunders is looking forward to.

“I loved making Ab Fab, but I can’t remember a great deal” she said.

“So much of this retrospective is a revelation to me. Thank you Gold for this kind and helpful programme.”

Gold is the UK television channel behind the upcoming production who are bringing the cast together for the reunion.

Joanna Lumley is equally excited for the upcoming production which appears to have wrapped filming already.

“It was a fabulous wander down memory lane by actresses who only have the faintest grip on reality” she said.

“Really thrilling, and I hope vastly entertaining. I loved every second.”

The production will also pay tribute to the late June Whitfield who played the mother to Eddie throughout the programs run and was a much loved character in the program.

Executive producer Ben Wicks promises a wonderful program. “We’re overjoyed to make a show with Jennifer and Joanna that rejoices in all that was wonderful about Ab Fab – the most riotously funny show which satirised the era like nothing else while taking home more BAFTAs than Bolly in the process.”

“Also, it somehow predicted the future: now the whole nation’s parents are drunken embarrassments to their sober and politically enlightened Gen Z kids.”

The Absolutely Fabulous reunion is expected to air later this year.

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