Actor & LGBT Activist David Paisley To Leave Scotland Over Safety Concerns 

Actor & LGBT Activist David Paisley To Leave Scotland Over Safety Concerns 

River City actor and LGBTQI+ rights advocate Daivid Paisley said he was leaving Scotland for an unknown destination because he “no longer feels safe”.

The actor said he would continue to stand in solidarity with the Scottish LGBTQI+ community from afar. Paisley had in June said that he was subjected to threats and had to temporarily leave his home after his residential address was published online. 

Paisley had been caught up in a row with Scottish National Member of Parliament Joanna Cherry after he called her out over her support for a fundraiser organised by an anti-trans group. 

‘Difficult Decision’

In a post on Twitter on Tuesday, Paisley said that he had “made quite a big and difficult decision”

“I’ve decided to leave Scotland, in part because I no longer felt safe in my home. I love Scotland, and I’ve so much love for Glasgow. I think Scotland has an amazing future. I just have to do what’s right for me and my wellbeing,” said Paisely. 

The actor acknowledged the fact that many in the LGBTQI+ community would not have the same options as those available to him. 

“Not everyone has the luxury to be able to move and start again elsewhere, so solidarity with the Scottish LGBT+ community and especially the trans community. You’ll always have my support and love, and I stand beside you always as an ally, a friend & proud LGBTQ+ rights advocate,” said Paisley.

Target of Online Hate

While Paisley received support for his announcement, Pasley pointed to several comments on a news story that suggested he “should go to Afghanistan, where LGBTQ+ people are being killed.”

Forty-two year-old Paisley is well-known for his role as a midwife in Holby City and for his roles in Tinsel Town and River City. He came out to his family when he was 18. 

His on-screen portrayal of gay men had generated controversy, with his kiss with his on-screen boy friend in Holby City reportedly attracting complaint from viewers. 

Most recently, he had called out Scottish MP Cherry’s alleged support for a fundraiser by an anti-trans group. Cherry had alleged he had defamed her. 

In December 2020, Paisley had started an online petition on, asking the media to stop “uncritically platforming” the anti-trans group LGB alliance. His campaign against the LGB Alliance has made him the target of online threats and abuse.

In June 2021, the actor had said that he had to flee his home after his residential address were posted online..

“So I’ve had to leave my home as I no longer felt safe. Individuals posted my details online, including that they know where I live & made threats to my personal safety. The Police put my home on a rapid response but due to safety concerns I’ve left and I’m staying somewhere safe,” the actor had said.


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2 responses to “Actor & LGBT Activist David Paisley To Leave Scotland Over Safety Concerns ”

  1. Well isn’t this terrible, for the fact that someone would be so low to post his address. Sorry for swearing but fuck that low life scum for doing it. What if he someone posted their address for their hate and stalker behaviour.
    Does Scottish people have that much hate towards LGBTI+ people. Why would anyone want to visit, is this what kind of people live there?
    David, I hope you are safe where you are and continue to fight for that the people that need it. You are an inspiration to people and I hope this experience doesn’t change that.