Brisbane Leather Pride Announces Exciting Changes and Initiatives

Brisbane Leather Pride Announces Exciting Changes and Initiatives
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The leather and fetish community in Queensland is undergoing an exciting transformation with significant updates from the newly renamed Queensland Leather Pride (formerly Brisbane Leather Pride).

Shane Stevens, President of the organisation, shared the thrilling news at their landmark event, Kinky Kocktails, held in May.

Queensland Leather Pride: A New Name for Broader Representation

One of the most notable changes is the club’s rebranding from Brisbane Leather Pride to Queensland Leather Pride.

“This change reflects our desire to represent and include members from all across the state, from Townsville and Rockhampton to Ipswich and the Gold Coast,” said Stevens.

The new name aims to foster a more inclusive identity, reaching out to members throughout Queensland.

Introducing a Non-Gendered, Non-Fetish Specific Title

In a groundbreaking move, Queensland Leather Pride is introducing a new non-gendered, non-fetish specific title.

The existing titles—Ms. Queensland Leather, Queensland Leather Girl, Queensland Leather Boy, Mr. Queensland Leather, Queensland Puppy, and Queensland Handler—have served the community well.

However, Stevens acknowledged, “We recognise that they do not encompass everyone. This new title is designed to include non-binary folks, trans persons, and anyone who does not identify with the current gendered titles.”

This initiative opens up opportunities for individuals involved in various alternative kinks and fetishes beyond the traditional leather community, such as rubber enthusiasts, kittens, furries and more.

“By listening to our members and understanding their needs, we believe this new title will help us continue the movement for inclusion.”

“It’ll provide a platform for those who were previously excluded to take on leadership roles and make a positive impact,” Stevens added.

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Strengthening Community Bonds

Queensland Leather Pride isn’t just about titles. It’s a vibrant community where members can socialise at events and connect with like-minded individuals. The organisation encourages more people to get involved to build a more inclusive and united community.

Upcoming events, like Brisbane Leather Week in early September, in partnership with Bootco Brisbane, promise to be exciting opportunities for engagement.

Additionally, Stevens, who holds the title of Mr. Australian Leather, hosted a Title Holder and Fetish Competition Q&A Forum prior to Kinky Kocktails.

This event, which he has been running for four years, has expanded beyond Queensland to New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia due to popular demand.

“As Mr. Australian Leather, this forum is my way of giving back to the community,” Stevens explained.

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It provides a space for community members to ask leaders and titleholders about preparing for competitions, representing internationally, and overcoming challenges.

The forum brought together panellists from diverse backgrounds, including leather women, pups, bears, rubber enthusiasts, and other community leaders.

“It was an honour to bring together state, national, and even international titleholders and leaders to share their experiences and insights,” Stevens said.

As Mr. Australian Leather, Stevens is preparing to compete for Mr. International Leather in May next year while continuing his community work across Australia. He remains dedicated to fostering inclusion and unity within the community.

“Together, we can continue to build a more inclusive and united community for all identities.”

Brisbane Leather Pride
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