Brisbane Pride Are Seeking Your Community Feedback

Brisbane Pride Are Seeking Your Community Feedback
Image: Marchers crossing Victoria Bridge during the Brisbane Pride March. Image: Brisbane Pride Inc./Facebook

Brisbane Pride have this week released their annual community survey for 2024.

Each year the organisation release the survey seeking feedback from members of the community about how to better improve the organisation.

Now is your time to have your say.

Brisbane Pride Annual Community Survey 2024

Established in 1990 Brisbane Pride Incorporated was originally organised as a rally and march and has now gone on to serve the Brisbane community for over thirty years.

They now organise the month long pride celebrations, held in September in Queensland, including the annual Pride Fair Day, rally and march.

Brisbane Pride are also the current custodians of The Queens Ball, the longest continuous running LGBTQIA+ event in the world.

They also created the Brisbane Queer Formal which is now an annual free event held for Queer Youth.

Funds raised from these events are distributed back to the community in a number of ways every year.

As such it is important that the organisation seek feedback from those in the community to better improve their services.

“In a world where every voice counts, yours is crucial to us” they said.

“Brisbane Pride is on a mission to dive deep into the health, wellbeing, and unique challenges our community faces.”

“Through our Annual Community Survey, we aim to gather valuable data that will not only inform our strategies but also empower us to tailor events and initiatives that resonate with everyone in our community.”

It is an important part of the strategy that the organisation uses to allow all those in the community to feel seen and heard.

“This is your chance to make a difference. Share your experiences, your concerns, and your suggestions” they said.

“Let’s shape a vibrant, inclusive future together.”

Information collected will help to contribute to the Annual Community Snapshot, influencing Brisbane Pride’s focus and initiatives.

Those wishing to complete the survey can do so at the Brisbane Pride website

Completion of the survey will take approximately 30 minutes and all participants will remain anonymous.

All are encouraged to participate in 2024 survey

Whilst all are encouraged to participate in the survey Brisbane Pride have advised that some questions may be personal for some people.

They encourage people under 18 who wish to complete the survey to do so, but to consult with a parent or guardian prior to participating.

“All participants are advised that the survey addresses topics that may be distressing to some individuals” they stated.

“We recommend evaluating your comfort level with subjects like mental health, discrimination, and domestic/family violence before proceeding.”


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