Brisbane Queer Film ‘Heart Of The Man’ Set for World Premiere This Week

Brisbane Queer Film ‘Heart Of The Man’ Set for World Premiere This Week
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Brisbane film maker and Butchulla man David Cook is set to release the world premiere of his new film Heart Of The Man in Brisbane this week. The film is a labour of love for David who wrote, directed, produced and stars in the film.

This powerful film, shot in Brisbane, features a predominantly LGBTQIA+ and Aboriginal cast and is set to make it’s mark on the Australian Film Industry.

The film is a touching story of a young man pushed to become a professional boxer in the shadow of his father as he struggles to find his own pathway in life.

Heart Of The Man

Heart Of The Man follows the life of Chris Wundurra (Parker Little), pushed by his over bearing father Sammy (David Cook) to lead a life that is not his choosing.

Sammy, a former boxing champion pushes Chris to challenge a national boxing title that he missed out himself as he struggles to cope with the death of his wife.

However their plans for the title go astray when Chris meets Jamie (Tyrel Dulvarie). Jamie introduces Chris to the world of theatre where me meets gay theatre owner Joey played by Brisbane actor Matt Young who makes him question his future.

Chris eventually finds himself facing the challenges of forging his own path or following the future predetermined by his father.

Matt Young: “It didn’t feel like acting, it felt like telling”

American born Brisbane actor Matt Young stars in the film as theatre owner Joey, a role that he cherished.

“I play Joey, a fiercely compassionate gay man, whose world collides with the lead character Chris Wundurra, played by the incredible Parker Little” he tells the Star Observer.

“I’m one of several LGBTQIA+ actors playing queer characters in the film. To be able to speak in my own voice, and draw from my own lived experience as a gay man in Australia was liberating.”

It was a personal experience for Matt, something more than just a role to play. “It didn’t feel like acting, it felt like telling” he says.

“I still get emotional talking about it. To be able to just be me – messy, gay, brave, scared, and secure – through the lens of David’s amazing script, was like nothing I had ever experienced in a film before. I can’t wait for the world to meet Joey.”

Heart Of The Man to screen in Brisbane

Having been shot in Brisbane with a local cast it is only fitting that Heart Of The Man returns for a Brisbane premiere.

The world premiere screening of the film will be hosted at New Farm Cinemas this Wednesday February 28.

Heart Of The Man has also been selected to screen at The Bangalow Film Festival this March.

Tickets are available to view Heart Of The Man at New Farm Cinemas online now.


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