Bus Accident Causes Queer Book Shop Shelf Lovers To Close

Bus Accident Causes Queer Book Shop Shelf Lovers To Close
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Beloved queer book shop Shelf Lovers have announced they have had to close due to a bus accident this week.

The business took to social media to advise customers of the closure on Wednesday evening.

Despite the setbacks they hope to open as soon as possible.

Shelf Lovers closes due to bus accident

Customers discovered the news on Wednesday evening that the local queer bookshop would be close “for the foreseeable future.”

“Hi everyone. Unfortunately the shop is going to be closed for the foreseeable future” they posted online.

“Everyone’s safe thank goodness. We’ll let you know when we’ve got further details about reopening and upcoming events.”

The initial post included few details about the incident, with many customers posting their concern for the local bookshop online.

However a follow up post on their Facebook page several hours later revealed the reason for the closure.

The business explained that a bus had hit the exterior portico of the shop front, becoming wedged and had pulled some of the structure away with it.

“Basically a bus ran into the portico at the front of the shop and got wedged. When the bus went to pull away the portico was pulled with it. There’s a lot of damage to the footpath but thankfully the amazing demolition crew were able to ensure no glass was broken when the roof came down” they explained.

However the small business is optimistic about their future due to the limited damage to the rest of the building.

“Don’t know at this stage when we’ll be able to open, but we’re hopeful we won’t be down for long” they said.

“We’ll have more information tomorrow once the structural engineers have been onsite. Stay tuned.”

A beloved community business

Since opening in 2023 Shelf Lovers have become a beloved Brisbane business for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Operated by business owner Kat and her children, the book shop she described the store as “A space where the community could come together.”

“A big focus for us in establishing the store was to create a space where the community could come together and people could engage and connect with others” she said.

The store has grown since opening to include regular events including author book signings and the hugely popular Drag Story Time sessions that now take place monthly.

The store recently celebrated their one year birthday and were in the middle of the birthday week celebrations. They were also due to participate in upcoming International Non-Binary Day celebrations.

You can stay up to date on more information about the reopening by following their Facebook Page.

Brisbane Bookstore Shelf Lovers held their first Drag Story Time hosted by local Drag Queen Dolly Kicks.

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