Mark Indelicato Frustrated With Queer Shows Constantly Cancelled

Mark Indelicato Frustrated With Queer Shows Constantly Cancelled
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Ugly Betty and Hacks star Mark Indelicato has called out streaming services and production companies for their seeming willingness to cancel shows featuring queer and LGBTQIA+ stories.

In an episode of Logo Spill, Johnny Sibilly asked the With Love actor about why he thinks that queer media seems to be getting axed left and right. 

Responding to the question, Mark didn’t mince words: “To be completely transparent, I don’t think that Hollywood likes women, people of colour, or queer people, period… and I think that is because they’re not willing and able to change with the times, but they know that they have to.”

The actor’s comments come after a number of TV shows revolving around queer people have been cancelled in the last year, including With Love, Queer as Folk, A League of Their Own and Our Flag Means Death.

Mark continues his answer by saying that representation in the Hollywood entertainment industry is only a response to wider social change. 

“It’s more of a begrudging change, not because they’re actually invested in our stories. This is not a read on any of the creatives – all of the people that we work with are so invested in those stories, want to tell those stories.

“I think we’re only involved in the conversation at all because we’re making them money. Period. Which, whatever… I don’t care if you’re doing it because you have to or you want to. All I know is I got to get this bag!”

Mark Indelicato on Hacks Season Three, Celebrity Drag Race

In other parts of the episode, Mark talked with host Johnny about their time on Hacks season three, which is due out May 2nd 2024. 

The two describe the show as “very queer”, and Mark says that the cast have the “best time ever” while being much more than token representation. 

“I remember in season one, when we were doing the dinner party […] and we were all there, literally the entire cast. And I feel like that was the first day that I felt like I really bonded and that we were all family.” 

“I think that having all of us in the same room, where most of us are queer, is very, very rare.” The two praised the safe atmosphere of the show’s set, with the crew also largely composed of queer people or staunch allies. 

Johnny couldn’t resist asking Mark about his experience as Thirsty Von Trapp on Celebrity Drag Race, which he was more than happy to spill about.

“I was just so nervous the entire time. I would never understand why [drag queens] got so upset when they got eliminated until I did it. I cried on the main stage!” 

You can watch the full episode below: 

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