Christian Lives Matter Supporter Crashes LGBTQ Protest To Give A Nazi Salute

Christian Lives Matter Supporter Crashes LGBTQ Protest To Give A Nazi Salute
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Two protests were held in Sydney today as far-right Christian groups rallied to “protect our kids” against the “moral decay of society,” while LGBTQI+ activists staged a counter-protest.

While initially organized by a coalition of far-right Christian groups, a wide array of far-right individuals and groups attended, religious or not.

In response, LGBTQI+ activists organised a counter-protest in Sydney’s Hyde Park that ran at the same time.

While both groups managed to keep separate, one male wearing a Christian Lives Matter t-shirt stormed the stage during a speech and performed a Nazi salute. He was promptly chased off by NSW police.

A spokesperson for NSW Police told the Star Observer that “no arrests were made during the operation.”

Standing Against Bigots

Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR), who were the organisers of the counter-protest, views the far-right protest as the latest showing of increasing actions against the LGBTQI+ community in Sydney.

Member of CARR and activist, Eddie Stephenson spoke with the Star Observer about the protest, stating that everyone was “really proud to be out there showing defiance, standing up for trans rights and LGBT rights in general.”

“Against bigots who advocate for stripping away the rights of trans people to exist, advocating attacking gay kids in schools, attacking women’s rights as well,” she said.

“But also angry that these people still feel bold enough to raise their heads in public. That they have support from the mainstream of politics as well and we’re ready to keep fighting back against them.”

In response to the man who performed the Nazi salute at their rally, Stephenson said that this action “shows you the kind of politics that we’re dealing with.”

“Politics that are happy to rub shoulders with the far-right, open Nazis and join hands with them in cracking down on trans people,” she said.

Police Response

When asked about the NSW Police’s conduct during both rallies, Stephenson pointed out that “there was a comparison made between the police response to us.”

“[The police] pushed and shoved protesters that were standing on the street peacefully on our side and trying to block us from marching on the footpath just outside of parliament house,” she said.

“The way that they have been treating the far-right every time they’ve marched, lots of people have seen the horrific footage in Newtown, where the police appear to be politely escorting far-right protestors.”

The Star Observer reached out to NSW Police regarding this and a spokesperson said that the police “recognises and supports the rights of individuals and groups to exercise their rights of free speech and lawful assembly in a safe environment.”

“The NSW Police Force facilitates hundreds of lawful protests every year and will continue to do so. That includes working with protest organisers and community groups before – and during – protests to ensure their right to protest in a lawful and peaceful manner is met, and public safety is maintained with minimal danger or disruption to the wider community.”

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3 responses to “Christian Lives Matter Supporter Crashes LGBTQ Protest To Give A Nazi Salute”

  1. LGBT = pedophilia ?

    This is a public display of direct discrimination against which I believe we are protected by law. I’m not a lawyer but I hope Community Action for Rainbow Rights have filed a discrimination complaint against those sporting that banner and the body that coordinated it.

    As someone who was recently subject to ongoing extreme hatred (18months at my residence) based in the moronic conflation in the above malignant trope, if I were a resident of NSW I’d be filing my own discrimination complaint right now.

    Australia its high time for hate crime legislation. In its absence let’s use what we have.

    Parading public displays of “LGBT = pedophilia” is an attempt to incite hatred, ridicule, humiliate and is sufficient to cause fear and apprehension in those to whom it causes and promotes injury – us.

    Get writing LGBT NSW. Submit your discrimination complaint online. It’s free.

    Use the law to protect our rights, because damn sure there is a dangerous ripple of hatred we must stand firm against if we want to stop it eroding the protection of our rights in law.

    We must not let hatred and ignorance erode what our brothers and sisters before us fought so hard for us to enjoy.

  2. Try checking what Jesus said about homosexuality.
    So to tge Christian lives matter morons christcwas for equality for ALL

  3. How come the NSW cops kept things in control in NSW but the Vic cops couldn’t? I guess the NSW cops boss is better at his job than Victorias…