Australian musician G Flip on Friday released their new single Boys And Girls. A collaboration with Austrian producer, Filous, G tells us, the song was inspired by the young artist’s personal journey and recent, public coming out as non-binary.

“I have a clear image of myself when I was in primary school, I wore the boy’s uniform at school and always had slightly shorter hair, I always played with the boys I did footy we traded Pokémon cards. Then one day they told me I couldn’t play with them anymore because I was a girl. I walked over to the girls who were all wearing dresses and couldn’t play with them because I was wearing the boys’ uniform, so I had no one to play with,” G told Star Observer, reflecting on their childhood.

“When we wrote Boys And Girls, we talked about that and wrote the song based on the perspective of me as a kid not fitting in. All the music I write is about the story of my life and what I’m up to.”


‘The Older Generation Struggles With Pronouns’

Delving deeper into what it means to be non-binary, G continues the conversation by describing how their friends started changing their pronouns around them.

“There would be times when I was with a different group of people, and they would ask me “oh you use they/them pronouns?”. It’s just that I hadn’t made a public post about it, so two weeks ago I let everyone know my new pronouns and that I identify as non-binary.”


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“It’s been pretty interesting. I feel like over the last 18 months, nonbinary kept coming up in conversations with my friends. For a while I didn’t look into it, but when I did and fully googled the shit out of it and learnt about it, I sat there and realised that’s been me my whole entire life, I’m so nonbinary.”

G says Australia’s attitudes towards gender identity are changing. “It’s definitely the younger generation that understand it more… the older generation are finding it the hardest  to understand.”

“I mean I only have my parents to go from as this is all quite fresh, but the older generation definitely struggle with it more, especially the whole they/them pronouns they get stuck on. But gen Z and the younger community…. there is such a big queer LGBTQI and non-binary and trans community on TikTok, and when I recently played Mardi Gras, I met so many of them on what was a really special night, and they talked a lot how the TikTok space makes the whole of Gen Z more comfortable.”

‘I Was Always The Drummer’

And while G’s new single Boys And Girls, may tackle these themes head on, it’s not the first time they have made an appearance in their music.

“It’s a topic that’s come up before… just no one knew. I have a song called I Am Not Afraid, there is a lyric in there that says, ‘now you’re standing on the sidewalk calling Georgia to come alive, but she’s been dead the whole time’ and I released that in 2018.”

Star Observer Video Interview With G Flip

G tells us that they grew up with their dad having always playing in bands, and that from a young age was introduced to such musicians as The Clash, Pink Floyd, and Green Day, musicians that to this day still play a big influence on G’s musical style.

“As a little kid I watched him in awe, I always had my dad to look up to as a kid. Also, when I was younger, dad would also put on these rock records. Then my mum would listen to a lot of top 40. My music is a blend of this pop world and this rough around the edges rock world.”

“In my early teens and throughout my teens I played in a lot of rock bands on kit, on drums and I was always the drummer. That has made a bit of what my sound is, its pop music with bigger hooks, it’s a little rough around the edges. I like putting real instruments down, so there are a lot of natural drum sounds, I grew up playing in the garage with dad so, it’s a little bit rougher.”

G tells us that at the age of 9, they were gifted their first drum kit by their parents, and the rest as they say, is history

“That was it. I was going to be a drummer for the rest of my life. I would play on the drums every single day, after school I studied music. I toured Southeast Asia and the States as a drummer with different bands, but I also wrote music at home from the age of 14 because I had taught myself more melodic instruments and was always writing my own songs.”

But it wasn’t enough for G, who decided that they didn’t want to work for other people anymore.

“I wanted to be my own boss, so I decided to give a crack at a solo career,” they tell us.

Playing At Mardi Gras

Since releasing their debut single, About You in 2018, G’s musical style has continued to both evolve and go from strength to strength.

“I’ve released a few more singles since my first album and a lot of them are still pop and in the pop world but a little bit left of centre, like my song Queen, it’s a really organic Prince kind of vibe. Then my latest single Not Even In Vegas has a bit more of a soul touch. So just experimenting with some other textures and sounds. I’m about to do a heap of writing soon and want to go back to my roots of the rock kind of side I grew up in, that’s what my ear is liking at the moment.”

Earlier this year, G performed at Mardi Gras, “It was one of the best performances of my life and it was on my bucket list.”

“When I started working with my managers that playing Mardi Gras was very high on my bucket list and it was awesome, I got to tick that off, it was just the most amazing experience, it was like another world, it was also my first time playing an arena and also with people who embrace me for who I am.”

“I’m so stoked that Boys And Girls is out now, and I just can’t wait for everyone to hear it and I can’t wait to open up more conversations about what it is to be non-binary, who I am, and to share my story.”


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