Gay Celebrity Chef Khanh Ong Drops Into The African Jungle

Gay Celebrity Chef Khanh Ong Drops Into The African Jungle
Image: Image: Channel 10

Khanh Ong, the gay celebrity chef who originally made a name for himself on Masterchef Australia has joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here for their tenth season.

Ong joined eleven other celebrities who entered the African jungle on Sunday night for the series premiere.

Khanh Ong Joins The Jungle for season 10

Khanh Ong is no stranger to reality TV, having competed three times across two different television programs.

He originally appeared on season ten of the hit show Masterchef Australia where he placed third, later returning in 2020 to compete in season twelve, Back To Win.

Viewers fell in love with his vivacious and witty personality, which saw him recruited for Australian Survivor: Blood Vs Water where he competed with his sister.

He ultimately finished 13th in the series, but made a lasting impact with viewers, now he’s back in a different kind of jungle.

Khanh joins a host of celebrity personalities being thrown out of their comfort zone, all in the name of entertainment.

Over the course of the next month Khanh and his celebrity peers will be put through a series of gruelling tests as they face their fears in the African jungle.

Kicking off the series Ong was forced to face his fear of heights.

Standing atop a glass panel overhanging a cliff Khanh was forced to wait for the floor to open up beneath him to face his challenge as he plunged hundreds of metres into the open.

He joins a host of other celebrities including Frankie Muniz, Michelle Bridges and Skye Wheatley as they compete to raise money for their charity while enduring gut wrenching and stomach churning challenges.

Who is Khanh Ong?

“Who even are they?” Is the most common cry from audiences and critics of the show as each year celebrities of differing levels of fame appear on the program.

Many of the celebrities enjoy the same joke as they fail to recognise each other on their red carpet arrivals.

However for many members of the LGBTQIA+ community Khanh Ong has earned himself a reputation that goes beyond his reality television appearances.

Born in an Indonesian refugee camp to Vietnamese parents, Khanh was later raised in Melbourne’s southeast.

In his early years he worked as an international DJ and studied fashion.

But life after Masterchef helped him ignite his passion for food and drive his career on and off screen.

He has since gone on to host Khanh Ong’s Wild Food and co-host My Market Kitchen 2019.

Khanh even went on to release his book A Gay Guy’s Guide To Life Love Food.

But like many modern stars it is his online content creation that has had fans hooked.

When moving in with his former school mate Mickey he never expected the simple act of making his flatmates lunch would get so much attention.

But after uploading videos of his creative and clever lunch box inventions for Mickey they quickly went viral on Tiktok, amassing over half a million views on their videos.

It doesn’t hurt that Mickey is pretty easy on the eye.

“Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection”

However another man in the life of Khanh Ong who has caught the attention of the public has been that of former Bachelor star Dr Matt Agnew.

Ong and Agnew have been best friends for several years and have drawn plenty of questions about their relationship.

They often post videos of themselves travelling together and spending plenty of time in each others company.

When media outlets raised questions about the physical affection between the two two they denied any sexual or romantic relationship.

Speaking on The Feast podcast Agnew responded to the comments about their affection.

“‘It’s the lack of affection straight men show other men that people assume there must be something sexual there” he explained.

He went on to encourage men and women to be more affectionate with their friends.

“Being affectionate and tactile with your friends, and blokes especially need to do more of this.”

“Everyone should be comfortable enough in their sexuality that they don’t feel uncomfortable showing affection, men or women.”

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs weekly on Channel 10.


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