Right-Wingers Are Mad Over Gottmik’s Iconic Top Surgery ‘Drag Race’ Look

Right-Wingers Are Mad Over Gottmik’s Iconic Top Surgery ‘Drag Race’ Look
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A stunning top surgery-inspired look from trans queen Gottmik on Drag Race All-Stars season 9 has received widespread praise from fans and incited outrage among right-wingers. 

The Arizona-born drag and makeup artist was the first trans man to compete on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and has remained a fan favourite queen ever since. 

In episode 3 of All-Stars season 9, Gottmik took to the runway with an incredible look that she said represents “something I never thought I’d be vulnerable enough to talk about, let alone wear on the runway.” 

Two casts of her own arms holding scalpels wrap around her chest, paired with glittery red lines that cover her surgery scars. Topping off the look, she accessorised with a plastic ‘tit bag’ that held two bloody balls representing her breasts inside. 

Gottmik explained what the look meant to her in an Instagram post, where she said:


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The incredible look was praised widely by Drag Race fans for its meaning and execution; user @abstort called it one of the best runway looks in the history of the show, and Ariana Grande described the outfit as “otherwordly brilliant.” 

Conservative outrage at Gottmik on All-Stars 9

Unfortunately, the clip also made its way to far-right Twitter, resulting in a predictable onslaught from the conservative outrage machine. 

The notorious Libs of TikTok called the look “absolutely disgusting” and condemned RuPaul and Drag Race more widely to their depressingly large audience . 

Jordan Peterson retweeted the video and told his followers to “watch out for that plus” in the LGBTQI+ acronym, and right-wing journalist Megyn Kelly called the look sick and misogynistic. 

However, there was one unintended side effect of the outrage; in an attempt to misgender Gottmik, who only uses she/her pronouns in drag and uses he/him elsewhere, many conservatives accidentally affirmed Gottmik’s gender in the first place.  

The queen cheekily commented on this with her own tweets, saying: “No one affirms my gender like the TERF community hating my art! Talk about crashing the cis-tem!”

On top of angering right-wingers, Gottmik also walked away from AS9 episode 3 winning the Lip Sync for Your Legacy and Snatch Game of Love challenges, making her the queen with the most badges of the season so far.

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  1. Those same right wingers would still laugh and accept blackface, and welcome loads of racist remarks, and homophobic slurs all in the name of the Almighty.

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