Here’s Where You Can Get The Monkeypox Vaccine In Australia From August 8

Here’s Where You Can Get The Monkeypox Vaccine In Australia From August 8
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Australia will roll out its monkeypox vaccinations from Monday, August 8. Initially, the vaccines will be prioritised for gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men who are at high risk of exposure. 

The Australian government had last week announced that it had secured nearly half a million doses of JYNNEOS, 3rd generation Monkeypox vaccines from Bavarian Nordic. The first batch of around 22,000 doses started arriving last week. The next batch of around 100,000 doses arrives later this year and with the remaining 350,000 doses arriving in 2023.

NSW and Victoria will roll out the vaccines this week. With the supply of vaccines being limited this month, the first batch of vaccines will be for those most at risk. 

Which Monkeypox Vaccine Is Available In Australia?

The two-dose JYNNEOS vaccine will be offered free of cost to the community during the monkeypox vaccination campaign. For full immunity, a person has to complete the two-dose regimen, with a minimum interval of 28 days between the two doses.

According to ATAGI, “JYNNEOS is associated with fewer potential adverse events and is safe to use in people with immunocompromised or atopic dermatitis. JYNNEOS may also be used in children or during pregnancy, after risk-benefit assessment.”

Monkeypox Vaccines Will Start Arriving In Australia This Week

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that JYNNEOS has an efficacy of 85%.

Here’s how you can check if you are eligible for the vaccine and where you can get it. (We will update the information for other states as and when their health departments make this information public.)


NSW health will get around 5,500 vaccine doses initially, with another 30,000 doses expected by end of September 2022 and 70,000 vaccine doses in 2023. 

NSW Health said it will start its targeted vaccination program, with support from ACON and other community partners, from Monday, August 8. 

“Priority for the first round of vaccine will be for those at greatest risk including those who have booked travel overseas to Europe or North America before October 31, 2022 and will have multiple sex partners while overseas,” said NSW health. 

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According to NSW Health, appointments for the first round of vaccines would be available through a clinic in Surry Hills. 

NSW Health has asked those seeking to get vaccinated, to fill up an online form to register their interest. If you are a gay, bisexual, or a man who has sex with other men in NSW, fill the online form here to check if you can get vaccinated


Victoria will roll out monkeypox vaccines through sexual health clinics. Eligibility will be limited this month as the state awaits more supplies. 

The Department of Health, Victoria, has laid down detailed criteria about who can avail of the first batch of vaccines that arrive this week

Sexually active gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (including cis and trans men), who have had a sexually transmitted infection in the last 12 months, or intend to have sex with multiple partners during their travel to Europe and North America before October 31 or those who attend sex on premises venues. 

Australia Recommends Monkeypox Vaccines For Some Gay, Bisexual Men

Sexually active gay, bisexual and men who have sex with men (including cis and trans men) who are homeless, or have significant drug use or psychiatric illness and sex workers with gay male clients are also eligible to receive the vaccine. 

High-risk close contacts of monkeypox cases and laboratory workers who handle monkeypox specimens can also receive the vaccine. 

Monkeypox vaccine will be administered at the following places in Melbourne

  • Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
  • Thorne Harbour Health
  • Northside Clinic
  • Collins Street Medical Centre
  • Prahran Market Clinic

Those in regional Victoria can email their closest Local Public Health Unit (LPHU) – Ovens Murray – [email protected]; Barwon South West – [email protected]; Gippsland/La Trobe – [email protected]; Goulburn Valley – [email protected]; Ballarat/Grampians – [email protected]; Loddon Mallee – [email protected].

For everything you wanted to know about monkeypox vaccinations, check ACON’s FAQs For LGBTQI communities.

For more information about monkeypox, check Thorne Harbour Health website.


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  1. Dear JO-KING, in reply to your normal question. You just need to ask your normal GP to prescribe for you a normal Smallpox Vaccine (it’s now the normal type of vaccine to prevent Monkeypox by 85%). Going by your elderly age , you may have had a Smallpox Vaccine up until 1980, which was a normal procedure, normally for anyone travelling overseas back then, so if this is the case ,this would be a normal Booster Vaccination for you, which is a normal thing to have. I don’t know who normally offers Bulk Billing but it’s not a normal billing situation anymore.

  2. Do you please have any updates for the rest of Australia? The Headline teases with where to get the vaccine in Australia, but the article covers only NSW and Vic. I live in Qld. Thanks!