Holocaust survivor comes out of the closet

Holocaust survivor comes out of the closet

A grandfather of five and Holocaust survivor has spoken up and revealed he’s always known he was gay.

Roman Blank, 96, escaped the Holocaust and moved to the US, where he had a family with his wife of 67 years. Last year he revealed a secret he’d kept for 90 years.

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Blank said, “There were certain things I wanted the world to know… I just told them, I was born and was, all my life, gay.

“Can you imagine 90 years in the closet?”

Blank is now looking for a partner to spend the final years of his life with. He said he isn’t looking for appearance but “at the heart”, and wants to “go to sleep and have somebody close to me, not for any other reason but to be sure that someone cares”.

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3 responses to “Holocaust survivor comes out of the closet”

  1. What an inspiration! And in 2017 we are still today fighting for equality! Here in Australia it is not a question of gay marriage should be legalised, the better question should be why do two consenting adults need government approval for just two consenting adult people to be together for recognition of their relationship? I am a libertarian and as a libertarian we should not have to have outdated and archaic government permission that is a fundamental human right!

  2. how much courage and stress it may require for a man being in the closet for so many years… I feel sad for him. But no blaming due to the pressure and limited exposure back in the old days. I hope he will meet someone who also needs some companion and would like to spend time together. glad these days more gay men may feel free to express who they are and live their life as desired. but I hope there is less pressure or ideally zero pressure for closeted gay men so they get to live a life with lots of celebrations and laughs, also less opposite sex partners may have their opportunities to enjoy a true heterosexual relationships if desired. no one gets hurt and everyone will be (should be) happy.

  3. I was very moved by the 95 year old man who has just come out. I really hope he finds a companion with whom to share his life.
    It raises the question of older gay people looking for companions and how difficult it is for them. For the Baby Boomers and those older it was very hard sometimes to admit who you were and the prevailing culture made it very difficult to come out. That’s why the original Mardi Gras marchers were so brave and should be honoured.