Tributes Flow For LGBT Advocate And Sex Educator Sophie Anderson

Tributes Flow For LGBT Advocate And Sex Educator Sophie Anderson
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Tributes have flown in for queer icon Sophie Anderson after news broke of her passing at the age of 36. 

The pansexual internet personality and adult film star gained prominence as a member of the Cock Destroyers alongside Rebecca Jones (known by the stage name Rebecca More). 

Anderson’s death comes two weeks after the passing of her boyfriend, Oliver Spedding in November. 

Upon hearing the news of Anderson’s passing, Jones expressed her sadness and reminisced on the “amazing” times they spent together. Jones posted to social media, describing Anderson as a  “bubbly, funny, kind-hearted soul who was outrageous on the outside but so gentle behind closed doors”. 

“We were very close, and we shared a crazy time together that was totally unique to us. That’s how I will remember her. This is so tragic, but I know you are now at peace. I will always love you and hold a special place in my heart,” she wrote. 

Sex Educator, LGBTQI Rights Advocate 

Anderson was a strong advocate for LGBTQI rights and encouraged discussions about sex work, sexual health and sexual identities throughout her career. 

Both Anderson and More actively contributed to fundraising for the Terrence Higgins Trust, a charity focused on HIV and sexual health, through a sponsored 10k run on World AIDS Day. 

The pair attended several Pride events and used their social media platforms to reach out to individuals facing challenges within the LGBTQ+ community. 

Anderson and More have advocated for the rights and dignity of sex workers, and played a crucial role in destigmatising those employed in adult industries. The pair collaborated with Netflix in 2020 to produce sex education videos that embraced LGBTQI inclusivity. Their efforts aimed to destigmatise HIV and educate the public about PrEP.

The Cock Destroyers

In their Netflix video, the duo dubbed themselves “sex education destroyers,” aiming to “teach you everything you want to know about sex that they didn’t teach you in school.”

Their sex education curriculum covered topics such as consent, anal sex, douching and vaginal pleasure while using trans-inclusive language. 

In a 2019 interview with Dazed, Anderson expressed her openness to people having different sexual orientations,  “I have a real positive outlook on everyone being exactly who they want to be – gay, straight, bisexual, be who you are”. 

“Over the years, my confidence sexually has grown and grown, and I want to show the younger generation who might struggle that, ‘Babes, don’t give two fucks what people think and just be yourself’”, she said. 

International drag and DJ artist Holestar expressed their condolences to the news of Anderson’s passing, writing on X, formerly known as Twitter, “ The Cock Destroyers were a cultural reset for the the guys, girlies and non-binary friends. Sex positive with oodles of camp. Beyond the memes, she was clearly a sweet soul who needed and deserved love. RIP Sophie Anderson”. 


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