Italian Model Says He Got Fired From Today’s Met Gala For ‘Being Too Hot’

Italian Model Says He Got Fired From Today’s Met Gala For ‘Being Too Hot’
Image: Photos: @eugeni0 on Tiktok

US-based Italian model Eugenio Casnighi has spilled serious Met Gala tea, opening up on social media about being fired from this year’s Met Gala red carpet.

Why? Because apparently, he is… too hot. So hot, in fact, that he was stealing the spotlight from celebrities.

Eugenio worked at the Met Gala in 2022 and 2023, hired as one of the many models who work as ‘greeters’ and assist celebrities on the red carpet.

He was reportedly supposed to work as a red carpet greeter again this at this year’s Met Gala, but was allegedly let go just days before today’s event.

Last year, Eugenio assisted Kylie Jenner (who he says was “very sweet”), and inadvertently went viral online in countless as ‘Hot Guy Standing Behind Kylie Jenner’ memes.

He took to his Tiktok to share the story of his firing, saying that the Met Gala were none too happy about his going viral last year. Allegedly, his accidental internet fame – which he obviously was not in control of – means he “made it about himself”.

“I just got fired from the Met Gala. Remember me?” he says in his Tiktok, showing photos of the viral memes that show him in the background behind Kylie Jenner and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

“So I’ve never talked about this because I was under an NDA. It’s funny, [now that] they fired me so I can say whatever I want,” he continues.

He goes on to allege that the company that booked him as a greeter in previous years – which he does not name – told him just a couple of days ago that he wasn’t needed at today’s event.

“They fired me because I went viral last year. So they said, so basically they said, ‘You made it about yourself. So we can’t have you work there anymore’,” he says.

The model pointed out the hypocritical nature of this firing, explaining that models are hired because they look good next to celebs in photos – but his appearance is the reasoning behind his alleged firing.

“They want models to work on the red carpet because they want people to get noticed,” he said.

“They literally told me, ‘We picked you because we liked you more than other people to be with this celebrity’.”

“But when people took pictures of the actual celebrity… and I was next to her, of course I ended up in the picture. And they blamed me.

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Eugenio has done a number of follow up videos on his Tiktok, answering questions from fans about this story, as well as what it’s like working at the Met Gala.

He also spilled some tea on what celebs he worked alongside are like – including Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid (nice), Blake Lively and Emma Stone (absolutely lovely), and Doja Cat and Bad Bunny (not so great).

You can find Eugenio on Tiktok here.

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