I was extremely disturbed at the tone of the article by church minister Ron Brookman, who claims he “cured” his homosexuality (St George Leader 22/9/09).
Brookman equates his erstwhile “sex addiction” with “homosexuality” which is patently absurd since many heterosexuals also suffer “sex addiction”.
Although I do not doubt his good faith, I object to how his article presents homosexuality as a curable “aberration”.

I surmise Brookman is heterosexual and always has been. He has simply reverted to true form in finally realising that as a gay he was a square peg in a round hole. At least I hope this is so because no good would come of repressing his true (homo)sexuality.
Youth suicide rates in young gays are 14 times higher than in the youth population at large. One reason is the pressure gay youths face from the churches, who propound the hateful “aberration” theory (which of course leads to persecution, discrimination and bullying, sometimes to suicide, even murder).
Mr Brookman is not helping when he insists he was gay and that sexuality-change can work for everyone. Such uninformed theorising will further confuse and depress gay youths who might choose to follow Brookman and repress their true sexuality. The psychological consequences are obvious: suicide or self-harm.
I was born gay, Mr Brookman. And I am not “broken” as you say. You are welcome to believe God is fallible and creates faulty products. But I believe God is incapable of making mistakes. As such I belong to a growing “inclusive” Christian church that preaches God’s love for all. It is called the Metropolitan Community Church. And yes, we even take Communion!
I wish Mr Brookman well and pray that he has been heterosexual all his life. Because if he was born gay, things do not augur well for his future peace of mind.
— Ronnie
Prostate Cancer
I write in response to William’s letter (SSO 989) on the fact that there are no specific services for gay men in relation to prostate cancer or any other form of cancer for that matter.
I have worked in the men’s health area for over 16 years and have been advocating with my colleagues for specific services for gay men in a broad range of health areas such as cancer education and support. We have not been able to convince key mainstream health providers of the need for specific services.
I was asked by the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia in 2005 to submit an education and support program for gay men, which I did, and I received no reply to my proposal.
Many gay men will need support for a wide range of illnesses and with cancer now affecting one in two men in Australia we need to develop specific services for gay men.
Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and suicide are some of the major killers of men in Australia, including of course gay men. Not HIV. We need to provide gay-friendly health and welfare services now and we have submitted a proposal on this to the federal Government as part of the recent national consultation to create a National Men’s Health Policy.
I do feel for William and all men out there dealing with cancer and other serious health issues without appropriate support. We are doing our best to try to change this dreadful situation.
— Greg Millan, men’s health consultant and executive member Australasian Men’s Health Forum
I received an advert for Sleaze Ball from the Ticketek online mailing list (also see the website here:
Why is there no mention of the words ‘gay’, ‘lesbian’, ‘bisexual’ or ‘transgender’ anywhere in the advert? If not at least to invite GLBT members of the community to participate, then to tell the homophobes this is a queer-friendly space — stay away.
Sure, the words ‘New Mardi Gras’ are subtly used and there is a picture of three sporty-looking guys hanging off each other. But the picture is homoerotic at best and typical blokey mateship at worst. Unlike the posters in the queer press, there is no pretty bum on this ad.
Whose decision was it to market a NMG event to a mainstream audience as gay-in-camouflage? Isn’t there already enough queer invisibility in sport (and general life) for a NMG event to be added to the fold? Is gay too passé these days?
Please explain.
— Ghassan

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