Marching with pride

Marching with pride

Melbourne’s LGBTI community is set to descend on St Kilda this Sunday, February 5 for the 17th annual Pride March. Marchers will assemble at noon at the top end of Fitzroy St to march down the main thoroughfare from 2pm, winding up at Catani Gardens on the St Kilda beach foreshore to continue festivities.

A range of groups will march on the day including Victoria Police, the Victorian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, Ambulance Victoria and Port Phillip Council, along with regulars Dykes on Bikes, the Rainbow Families Council, JOY 94.9 and the Melbourne Rainbow Band.

Gay Catholic group Acceptance Melbourne will once again take to the streets to celebrate 40 years since its set-up.


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3 responses to “Marching with pride”

  1. After what I have read by Disgusted and Dave, I used to vote ALP and changed to Libs in 82. Think it is time to change again.This time Australian Dems for me.Hope all have a good day in the march.

  2. Why are the Liberals even allowed to march? They have changed the law to allow religious discrimination against us.

    Show some integrity, Pride.

  3. Pride is brilliant.

    I hope we can all put this on facebook.

    I would hope the Liberal Premier does not march as promised, given his party stripped us from protections at work, altering the Equal Opportunity Act. His Attorney General is trying to bring back the Gay Panic Defence. I guess for Ted Baillieu there is nothing as good as killing a gay man who winked at you, and walking away free from justice because the victim was gay.

    How could forget using police with guns to stop people wearing rainbow colours at the Tennis. Bernie Flinn, a liberal member, called homosexuals extremist.

    Robert Clark spat out in parliament, homosexuality is a sick disease, and we molester children more. He went on to say “I believe homosexual practices form a destructive way of life, destructive to the individual and destructive also to other individuals who are brought into that way of life”.

    The Liberal/National Party are turning back the clock, and trying to put us in the closet. Every one of them voted to strip our protections from the Equal Opportunity Act.