Commonwealth Bank staff sent flyers encouraging them to vote ‘yes’

Commonwealth Bank staff sent flyers encouraging them to vote ‘yes’
Image: Image: Facebook / Commonwealth Bank

A handful of Commonwealth Bank employees have received a flyer from the company’s internal group Unity encouraging them to vote ‘yes’ in the postal survey on marriage equality.

The flyer contains information on how to send back the survey and the date is has to be mailed by, according to

However, an anonymous source has said the posters were not received well by some staff members who didn’t like being subjected to same-sex marriage politics in the workplace.

“A number of staff were not happy about being bombarded at work about the SSM vote,” they said.

“It has nothing to do with banking.”

Unity is Commonwealth’s internal LGBTI community and allies network and has groups established in every Australian state.

According to a Commonwealth Bank spokesperson, Unity only distributed flyers to its council and core team, made up of approximately 20 people.

The information was reportedly sent out as part of a campaign to let recipients know they could use the company’s internal mail system to post back their survey response.

The company’s stance on marriage equality has been known for some time, being listed on the Australian Marriage Equality website as one of the many corporations supporting same-sex marriage.

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