Cory Bernardi says marriage equality has led to ‘advocacy’ for bestiality

Cory Bernardi says marriage equality has led to ‘advocacy’ for bestiality
Image: Cory Bernardi. Image: YouTube.

Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi has said that legalising same-sex marriage has led to advocacy for bestiality and paedophilia.

In an interview on Sky News, Bernardi doubled down past comments which, in 2012, saw him forced to resign as parliamentary secretary to then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Australian Conservatives today published Bernardi’s interview on the party’s website in a post titled ‘The dangers of redefining marriage’.

“As Conservative Party leader Cory Bernardi predicted in 2012, redefining marriage has seen a push for further redefinitions including lowering the age at which people can marry, multiple-partner marriages and even advocacy for the legalisation of bestiality,” the post reads.

“[I]t’s no surprise that calls for further redefinitions of marriage are being made, in the wake of the 2017 legalisation of same-sex marriages.”

Bernardi appeared on the Sky News program Outsiders on Sunday, where host Rowan Dean said Bernardi was “mocked” and “hounded out of his own party” for suggesting that legalising same-sex marriage was a ‘step’ towards legalising bestiality.

“The time has come to ask, when will it end? If we are prepared to redefine marriage, what is the next step?” said Bernardi at the time.

“There are even some creepy people out there, who say that it’s OK to have consensual sexual relations between humans and animals. Will that be a future step?

“In the future will we say, ‘These two creatures love each other and maybe they should be able to be joined in a union’?”

Dean praised Bernardi for his ability to “go where others don’t go”.

“You got into awful trouble for suggesting several years ago that if we went down the route of legalising same-sex marriage we would end up with people saying, ‘Well, if love is love, that also applies to paedophilia’,” Dean said.

Dean claimed that Bernardi was ousted for saying “what we now know to be the case”.

“There are advocates in the US, again, left-wing advocates … now saying, ‘Well, paedophilia is just another sexual orientation’.” Dean did not cite any names of said advocates.

“Rowan, this is the irrationality of it. I did say in the Senate that you would have other calls to redefine marriage using the same arguments,” Bernardi said.

“That includes multi-member marriages, I reference Peter Singer and his advocacy and endorsement of human-beast relations.

“And now we’re seeing what is a repeat of the 1970s, can I say, because in the 1970s there was a bunch of Labour politicians in the UK seeking to lower the age of consent,” Bernardi said.

When asked about polygamy, Bernardi says, “We see it continue to be normalised.”

“There are elements of… a community that is saying, ‘You can’t help who you love. I love two people. I want to live with both of them, we want to be able to get married, it’s discriminatory for us not to be married. We all want to be co-parenting together’.

“It’s hard to argue against it when you’ve redefined marriage to be something that it never was in the first place,” Bernardi said.

Bernardi has promised that the Australian Conservatives would overturn marriage equality legislation if they ever gained sufficient power to do so.

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8 responses to “Cory Bernardi says marriage equality has led to ‘advocacy’ for bestiality”

  1. Makes my blood blood boil when they point the finger at us over pedophilia- and it is the churches and church organised kids groups etc that are the biggest pedophile organisations in Australia! ARRGH…

  2. Bernardi’s nonsense about marriage equality promoting bestiality is disgraceful and hurting people.

    I have been in a stable and monogamous relationship with my same sex partner for over 35 years now. We are decent tax paying members of society. And we consider ourselves conservatives. So how on earth dare he say such things about us? He is a nasty scumbag and this kind of rubbish says more about himself and his disgusting obsessions than anything else.

    True conservatives should foster liberty and freedom for all, instead of picking on minorities. That’s just bullying.

    • Good on you Fred.

      Take heart from a couple of facts. The NZ Conservatives were the only party to go to the NZ general election after marriage equality was won there (by a centre-right government, without the need for a survey or plebiscite just a good old conscience vote in the Parliament like we should have had) promising to reverse marriage equality. They went from 1 to 0 members of parliament as a consequence. Also, the Australian Conservatives have social policies which will only appeal to hard-core religious types, while their tax policies will only appeal to millionaires. The overlap between these groups is tiny. They’re toast.

  3. It always terrifies me that the notion of “consent” never occurs to the Bernardis of this world. An animal can’t consent, a child can’t give informed consent. Is this how Cory sees women?

    • Yes, John.

      Cory is that much of a low-life. His sort claim they don’t even understand what “no” means. Or, cannot understand when a woman says “no”.

      However, most of them DO understand consent– when approached by a gay man. THEN, they want permission to MURDER THEM (gay panic).

      It’s BS.

  4. Peter Singer’s suggestions about bestiality go back to 2001, a full 16 years before the marriage equality scare campaign.

    The causative link these morons think they’ve found between marriage equality and advocating bestiality is either massive bullshit OR involves time travel. You be the judge.

    But keep it up chaps, with cretins like you representing the brains trust of Australia’s far right, the rest of us are in no trouble.