Jeremy Finlayson Given Three-Match Suspension After Homophobic Slur

Jeremy Finlayson Given Three-Match Suspension After Homophobic Slur
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Port Adelaide AFL player Jeremy Finlayson has been given a three-match suspension for his use of a homophobic slur against an Essendon player on Friday April 5th. 

Finlayson will also be completing and paying for a Pride in Sport education course as part of the judgement ruled by the AFL. He is not allowed to play during Round 5, 6 and 7 of the current League season.

For his use of the slur, Finlayson was sanctioned with ‘Conduct Unbecoming’ for his unprompted use of the slur, breaching AFL Rule 2.3(a). 

In their investigation, the AFL considered Finlayson’s immediate apology and openness surrounding the incident. 

The League said in a statement: “To be clear, without the full and frank admissions, apologies and contrition that Finlayson showed, the sanction would have included a longer suspension.”

AFL General Counsel Stephen Meade commented on the ruling, reaffirming the League’s commitment to members of the LGBTQI+ community: “Everyone, including Jeremy, understands the word he used is both hurtful and totally unacceptable in any setting ever.

“The AFL is very clear that homophobia has no place in our game, nor in society. We want all people in LGBTQI+ communities to feel safe playing or attending our games and we know the incident that happened on the weekend does not assist this goal.

“As a code we will continue to work together to improve our game as a safe and inclusive environment for all.”

Statement from Port Adelaide FC

Port Adelaide FC Chairman David Koch shared an apology on behalf the club to the Essendon Player, the club’s community and the LGBTQIA+ community, despite earlier comments that appeared to downplay the incident’s severity.

“What was said is totally unacceptable and comments of this nature do not align with what our club stands for,” Koch said. “Port Adelaide is a place for everyone so we are very disappointed with what occurred on Friday night.

“Importantly, Jeremy self-reported and apologised to the player on the night and has publicly expressed his remorse. We will now provide education for Jeremy and offer him and his family support during this time.

“We do not underestimate the seriousness of this matter and look forward to the AFL applying consistency to such cases in the future.”

Jeremy Finlayson Slur Incident

Finlayson used a homophobic slur against an Essendon player in the 3rd quarter of Friday night’s AFL game, which he immediately reported after he knew “straight away” that it wasn’t acceptable.

The Port Adelaide forward apologised to the victim of the slur at the end of the game. Over the weekend, Finlayson took full responsibility for the incident while he awaited the AFL’s decided punishment.

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