Kmart is selling out of same-sex family dolls for kids

Kmart is selling out of same-sex family dolls for kids
Image: The lesbian parented set of dolls. Photo: Kmart

Australian retail giant Kmart have included male and female same-sex parented families in a new range of family doll sets, and online shoppers won’t get to discriminate in which family doll set they receive when they buy them.

The $15 “Family Playset – Assorted” set of dolls includes either a family with two dads and two children, two mums with two children, or an opposite sex-couple with two children.

All three sets also include a picnic basket, food items, a stroller for the youngest child, and a pet dog.

“We cannot guarantee which design you will receive as products are selected at random for online orders,” the Kmart website warns, meaning shoppers don’t get to discriminate in what kind of doll family their child receives.

The dolls have been praised by social media users, with one woman posting, “Good work Kmart!”

“Glad that all children can finally buy a family set that represents themselves and their families.
This is so so amazing!”

The doll sets seem to be popular as according to the Kmart website they are currently out of stock in most Sydney locations and many stores are running out of them around Melbourne as well.

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