$3.6 million for gay youth

$3.6 million for gay youth

GLBTI youth are the winners after the Victorian state budget was delivered yesterday afternoon.
The Brumby Government has committed $3.6 million over four years to establish a youth suicide community support program to target young same-sex attracted and Indigenous young people.
The Government committed a further $4.9 million over four years to expand rural mental health services.
Minster for mental health Lisa Neville said staff based in community health centres and youth centres will provide preventative support, and would be involved in local activities for early intervention.
“We understand that Victorians are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their loved ones, that is why we are taking action to provide access to the right care and support when it is needed,” she said.
Stay tuned to Southern Star for further details.

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3 responses to “$3.6 million for gay youth”

  1. This is good news.

    I would of liked the budget to take all donations away from Beyond Blue and deprive them of oxygen for their neglect.

    The GLBTQI community is fed up of the disregard for human life that Beyond Blue has demonstrated.

  2. This is sorely needed! And yes, lets hope the money doesn’t go to beyond blue!