A legacy for the Star

A legacy for the Star

Inspired by Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus, Sydney artist Peter Brember took out his brushes to recreate the masterpiece, but with a gay twist.
Commissioned by Sydney Star Observer to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the painting will be auctioned off later in the year.
I think one of the wonderful things about paintings is that you can see lots of things, but meanings are elusive and can be different for everyone, its part of the magic, Brember said.
The symbology is loosely based on the Roman Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Venus raises from the sea on a shell, blown towards the shore by the wind Zephyrs -” symbols of spiritual passions.
It’s set in Sydney with rainbow flag colours and because it’s SSO’s pearl anniversary, Venus is clutching pearls, while riding the pearl oyster shell instead of the traditional clam shell.
Brember has been painting and drawing since his childhood and has given many of his works to charity, including a piece he donated to the Scouts Association and works given to Mardi Gras.
He recently finished a Fine Arts Degree at The National Art School and won an academic studio award for the Lennox Street Studios in Newtown.
info: For more details on the artist log onto peterbrember.com.

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5 responses to “A legacy for the Star”

  1. Err sorry no disrepesect intended but I prefer the version Venus Rooom had at Kings Cross with the nakkid boy arising from the shell….it was twisted and inspired

  2. Having recently seen the real thing in Florence I would love to see this gay version! Well done man!!

  3. Guess Who ?? Congratulations on everything Peter,you certainly are a “STAR” Legancy. x x x x x x

  4. I would like to see a larger picture of the artwork it looks fantastic. Congratulations on commissioning a wonderfully talented artist for your anniversary.