Familiarity breeds contempt

Familiarity breeds contempt

Winter is upon us and the weather has certainly changed. It is chilly out west in more ways than one.

Heaven social group, with its increasing numbers, has finally launched its new show, Legends of Music, with Disco Divas now officially dead.

The new show brings big costumes, big diva numbers and big drag queens writhing around on the floor -“ certainly worth seeing.

Bloc nightclub has recently advised Bubblegum promoter Michael Laing that the night will be postponed until summer due to a lack of attendance.

It is a sad day for the GLBT folk in Penrith who enjoyed the night, but Michael says he understands the decision, as the club must also consider the night’s viability. Michael looks forward to relaunching the night when the warmer months roll around.

On the flipside, the lesbian community in western Sydney really gets behind its night, the Dolphins Dance.

The last night I attended was packed with tits galore. It amazes me how much the girls stick together and support each other. Perhaps the boys out in western Sydney should take a leaf out of their book.

Not only do the girls come out to support their nightlife, but they have also recently launched LIPPS -“ Lesbians in Parramatta Park Socialising.

The girls now meet on the last Sunday of each month to enjoy the sunshine and each other’s company in the great outdoors.

Don’t forget -“ for all the up-to-date juice and gossip listen to Queer Out West 89.3FM every Monday night from 10pm.

For more details on venues in Western Sydney check out these websites: www.qow.zoomshare.com, www.beverlybuttercup.zoomshare.com, www.heavensocialgroup.zoomshare.com, www.dolphinsdance.net, www.cwhc.org.au.

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