Giving It Hard

Giving It Hard

Why is ICE hot?
Well, did you go to the Metro party? I never experienced anything like it, Wayne gushes. There were just lasers everywhere shooting out through and over the crowd and it was just completely full on. I love the vibe of ICE, the production always pulls together really well. It’s always such a pleasure.

What sound can we expect from your set at ICE?
Since the venues are large I’m going to go for a really big chunky sound, but with still a very bouncy camp element. So I guess you could say that it will be a similar sound to what I played at the Metro in July. Because it’s a recovery, we want to play things that people will recognise like very uplifting and anthemic hands-in-the-air kind of stuff -“ I’m going to make it party time.

What’s with the sexy press shots?
I think that I am party boy at heart, so there’s no sense in trying to hide it, Wayne laughs. I’ll go into the studio with my photographer Jay Eff and we’ll drink like a bottle of vodka and do whatever comes to mind. As for the arse crack shot (pictured) -“ I never thought that pic would see the light of day, but then again, I believe that personality should come across in photos so I guess that’s why you end up seeing pics of me getting my ass out and sucking my thumb!

Your horniest experience on a dance floor?
It would have to be at the first ICE party at the Palladium in 1999. It involved several people huddled in a group on the dance floor with me squidged in the middle on my knees and uh -¦ that’s all I’m going to say.

What do you think of DJs being the new rock stars?
Bullshit. DJs only play other people’s records -“ end of story. It can be taken so far out of context. There are great DJs that deserve recognition, but they’re not rock stars and they shouldn’t behave like it. You have to keep your head out of your arse. It got to the point in the UK where some DJs were making like five-figure demands in pounds for two hour sets and it was just ridiculous. It’s like, what the fuck? It just gets to the point where these people are merely doing it for the money. And they’re not into it for the love of it any more.

Why is Sydney hot?
The hottest thing about the Sydney scene is the people. The vibe and the friendliness are like nowhere else. A lot of people say that you’re like the Americans, but those crowds are definitely not as friendly.

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