Adoption bill passes both Houses

Adoption bill passes both Houses

Update (Thursday, 6:40pm): The Legislative Council approved the bill as amended in the Legislative Assembly, clearing the last legal hurdle in legalising same-sex couple adoption in New South Wales.

The bill will formally become law when signed by the Governor of NSW.

Update (Thursday, 5.20pm): The Legislative Assembly has approved the Attorney General’s amendment in a vote of 46-43.

Another amendment by the Liberal member for Epping, Greg Smith, which would have allowed any person involved in the provision of adoption services to discriminate regardless of whether the agency was run by a religious body or not was rejected 60-28.

The bill will now be returned to the Legislative Council for a vote of final approval on the amendments.

Update (6:45pm): the Legislative Council voted 22-15 to add two amendments to the legislation.

One of these was the Attorney General’s amendment to restrict the effect of Frank Sartor’s amendment so that adoption would be excluded from the Anti-Discrimination only for the purpose of religious run adoption agencies.

The second was an amendment put forward by Fred Nile which aimed to give parents giving up a child more information about the potential adoptive parents their child might be placed with.

Once the Legislative Assembly votes on these amendments the bill will become law.

Update: at 3:45pm the Legislative Council voted 22-15 “in principle” in favour of same-sex couple adoption in NSW.

John Hatzistergos’ amendment and any others will now be considered by a committee of the Council before being voted on. If any of these amendments are added to the bill a further vote on these amendments by the Legislative Assembly will then be required.

Debate on Clover Moore’s bill to amend the Adoption Act to allow same-sex couples to adopt resumed this morning in the Legislative Council, then stopped at midday for question time.

Debate will resume again at 2.30pm with an in principle vote on the bill expected later today.

The Legislative Council will then deal with amendments being pushed for by a number of MLCs.

Christian Democrat the Rev. Fred Nile is expected to push for three amendments, and Liberal Matthew Mason-Cox will push for another aimed at excluding same-sex couples from so-called “stranger adoption” where the adopting parties have no prior relationship with a child.

Another amendment from Attorney General John Hatzistergos will seek to limit the effect of an amendment moved by Labor’s Frank Sartor and agreed to in the Legislative Assembly so that it only effects religious adoption agencies.

Sartor’s amendment removed anti-discrimination protections from the area of adoption, except where it covers children, giving parents who give their children up for adoption a greater ability to discriminate in who their child is placed with.

If any new amendments are accepted by the Legislative Council, the Legislative Assembly will have to vote on these, but this would not see a second vote on the bill itself by the Assembly as Fred Nile has been pushing for.

Readers can watch the debate in the Legislative Council via webcast at:

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25 responses to “Adoption bill passes both Houses”

  1. The foundational text, if you like, of this country (the Australian Constitution) clearly states that no religion shall be used to govern the country – despite religious fundamentalists whingeing to the contrary. That’s probably because people like Henry Parkes looked at countries in Europe where religious hierarchies ruled and (correctly) saw them as backward and poverty stricken and without any semblance of individual rights.

    Anyone here who wants to deny gay people basic justice might be better off moving to Iran or Pakistan where religious outfits do have more say in the running of the country.

  2. The foundation beliefs of this nation.

    What are the foundation beliefs of this nation.

    We were founded as a penal colony and did not recognise the rights of the original inhabitants – we still don’t.

    Is Christianity a foundation belief of this nation?

    Probably – what is Christianity?

    The collected writings of some Rabbis who described the ethics of nomadic communities in the Middle East six thousand years ago.

    Les wants us to adhere to the 6000 year old ethics of Middle Eastern nomadic tribes.

    I don’t want to Les.

  3. Exenon -You are the narcissist to write in here with no care for children. You are the one breaking the law vilifying people, hiding like a coward. You are venting throffing at the mouth like a true idiot. We do not care about your life, what you have been or what you will become. In fact as you are the narcissist only you do. That is why you mention it. Clearly everyone got sick of you in other parts of your life so you now resort to writing in here like with the true ravings of a lunatic.

    There is a cure for your homophobia. You think you are above Doctors? Well that is a true narcissist. You see they do not think we are abnormal, only you. You are the nutter, the loopy one. Only you my dear.

    Do not let us get in the way of your suicide.

  4. Paul, Exenon is not me. However, lets be friends, you can trust me. I’m here to congratulate you Gays on getting your Bill passed. BTW, Andrew M Potts is not technically correct when he said, “The bill will formally become law…”. A statute is not law, and this is what this Bill is now -but it has the force of law. Which means at first possible opportunity, a repeal is most likely.:)
    Please Paul don’t think I hate Gays, if women and men want to degrade themselves, well they’re free to do so. My only concern is the rights of children.
    It’s obvious you guys have never read Plato’s Republic, because he said a Democracy is one of the most corruptible forms of government, and therefore one should be most vigilant. If you have a Democracy with too many freedoms -be they sexual freedoms like this example or religious freedoms like the Muslims and their Burqa, you’ll end up in chaos and later in the greatest of tyranny. Order out of chaos -a perfectly brilliant plan.:)
    Think about it, the real winners out of this is Government -they got everybody begging. Remember the word “apply” means to beg. And in law no one can ever force you to beg, it has to be a voluntary action.
    Again I congratulate you Gays on your new found responsibility. Let us see if Gays truly have a soul- if it’s a big one or a small one, we will never truly know.

  5. Whatever you do dont critise gays, they are above and beyond. Their narcissistic lifestyle precludes them from any rational reaction to the fact that they are not the loving,caring collection of syncophants they preport to be. Their vitriolic insistence in the defamation and name calling that accompanys any hint of dislike or disaproval of their ‘Choosen” sexuality is indicative of their hyper sensitivity, that defines and defies any rational appraiselof the point in question. Redneck implies a hatred of working classes, those who work outdoor. It has become the stock answer and blanket appraisal of all who do not happily accept homosexuality. As for god and christianity, I am an atheist. Redneck? I was an accademic, linguist and artist.

  6. Les of Queensland

    Why should anyone follow your version of Christianity? The Premier along with millions of other Christians welcome Gay and Lesbian people as they are. Why should Buddhist or Atheist have to believe in you who lets children rot in institutions?

    You have a medical mental health condition known as homophobia. Go get help from a psychiatrist. It is treatable.

  7. Les, dear – whatever you smoked back in the ’60s has definitely boomeranged on you, poor love. Mad as a hatter.

  8. This is another Anti-God Protest. These people cannot produce as same sex and have no part in production. Why have these people who have allowed this to go through not thought first as they will have the boomerang come back and when it does it will hit hard, ask the boss as he gave the first reading “Go forth and multiply” and this, what has been decided is mutiny against the foundation beliefs of this Nation.

  9. I totally agree with Nathan.

    Many children will not have to suffer in institutions long after we are all gone. Well done Clover More and well done Keneally for supporting Clover.

  10. Well done Clover.

    You have copped some criticism from our community over the years but I think you are wonderful. Well done! So many vulnerable children will be so much better off because of you.

    This makes me smile.

  11. Gee, I wish my life was so interesting! Unfortunately, I’m just an ordinary person who happens to be gay and wishes anti-gay bigots weren’t so fascinated with my life and the personal choices of gay families.

    And yes, there are cute Mormons but they do have some issues to work through before I take them home to meet Mum and Dad.

  12. My god – the Liberal Attorney General Greg Smith wanted to exempt ALL adoption agencies from the anti discrimination act – he is an extremist and Barry O’Farrell needs to move him on.

  13. Dear Exenon,

    David Skidmore and I indeed are homosexual extraterrestrials. Under our plucked,shaved and moisturised exteriors exists reptiles from a B-grade TV series. Our Mothership is hiding behind the moon. Our plan is to turn Planet Earth into Planet Queer, whereby your compassionate conquistadors will liberate the oppressed, and enslave extremist religious bigots and rednecks into submissive servitude. Having said that, there will be a special place for the mormons (only the cute ones). As for you and your ilk, there will be a place in sewerage treatment plants across the planet, because the bullshit from you is endless and no-one else should be made responsible for cleaning it up..

  14. Exenon Giordano, where do you think gay kids come from, immaculate conception? As realistic as the Original Lie.
    PS – straight kids won’t turn gay by having same sex parents just as gay kids won’t turn straight. Nor will watching the Mardi Gras make ’em turn just as seeing a titty show won’t make gay boys straight. Move out of David Clarke’s hateful office and see the world as it is.

  15. This is not meant to be a debate about the rights of homosexuals people. Or indeed about homophobia. This debate was about the rights of children. And victory is almost upon it…the children will be provided the loving and supportive homes that those wanting to adopt will give. Regardless of sexuality. Family values are about love and respect. Not the gender of one’s parents. I commend and thank from the bottom of my heart the Members of the Legislative Assembly and the members of the Legislative Council fo NSW who supported and passed this bill, on behalf of all the orphans in NSW, and all of the children who can now have a family xxx

  16. Homosexuality is classified as abnormal by ideological organisations and the cultural beliefs of individuals.

    Homosexuality is not abnormal in society.

    People have to be taught that homosexuality is abnormal.

    The basis of the teachings and cultural beliefs is to make people believe that homosexuals are different to heterosexuals.

    The purpose of the teaching and cultural beliefs is to exclude people who are openly homosexual from mainstream society.

    The effect of the teaching and cultural beliefs to to encourage people to persecute people who exhibit the characteristics of homosexuals. The effect also encourages people to persecute their own children who exhibit the characteristics of homosexuals.

    As far as the reasons as to why people are motivated to raise and nurture children – I do not know what those reason are because I am not motivated to raise and nurture children but I am aware that many people are motivated to do that.

    It is obvious that many heterosexual couples are not motivated to raise and nurture their own children and those people find the burden of raising children to be quite onerous.

    Some heterosexual couple are incapable of nurturing children and react to their inability by killing their children.

    I have noticed that a lot of gay couples do own pets so the assertion that gays only want children for pets does not persuade me that gays only want children for that purpose.

    As far as the assertion that gays want to enter mainstream society – we are in mainstream society.

    I suspect that the reason for the complaint is resentment and an attempt to deny that homosexuals are in mainstream society.

  17. That’s right Exenon, it’s part of the international homosexual conspiracy designed to take over the entire universe and turn it gay. And you will succumb to our evil plan if you keep posting on this site.

  18. Exenon- Your condition is known as homophobia. Get help. Children should never ever be placed around the likes of you or your porn King Fed Nile.

    Perhaps Alan Turing should not of broken the Enigma Machine that allowed you to be so brave to spread your hate and filth, oh and let us not forget your lies. According to doctors you are indeed the abnormal one. The one who needs help, the one who is not natural.

    The world will end one day. It will be from haters of man like yourself having access to a nuclear weapon. Not from two loving people providing a stable and secure home for child you would rather rot in an institution so that you can rape and molester them with ease. It is you that has that history. It is you that we had a Sorry Day for. It is you that turns a blind eye to the needs of a child and instead inflicts are your hate and rage at your closet homosexuality.

    You are indeed a sicko to write your disgust here. Take your hate and yourself and leave, leave us and society.

  19. People cannot be obliged to care for children. Adoption is a process people voluntarily enter into, not forced upon them. People, regardless of sexual orientation or other characteristics, want to have children for the same and varied reasons as anyone else. It is not about any desire to enter “mainstream normal parenting”, whatever that means. The existence of same sex couples having children (yes it is a reality that is common) is as ordinary as anyone else out there. Same sex couples having children care for them as human beings, not pets. Exenon, you wouldn’t also happen to go under the pseudonym of Giordano, who recently shared a Tourettes syndrome inspired spray of bileous propaganda on a similar topic yesterday? Because judging by your poor speling and grammar and all too familiar tactic of far right whingers seeking to stir up the gays by accusing them of the very thing they are, you sound awfully similar. Compassion and logic are things obviously alien to you.

  20. How can those who deny that which brings life ie. the conjunction of two opposites be obliged to care for children, to possess children, when the act that produces them is an anethema to their abnormal existence. They want “pets ” to confere upon them entry to mainstream normal parenting that they deny by their homosexual practices.

  21. Now the fight will be on to preserve the rights (and responsibilities) we have under this legislation. David Clarke, the Christian Democrats and the Australian Family Association to name just a few won’t take this lying down.

    Sorry to be a wet blanket as I think this is great news. But our gains must be protected by continuing vigilance.

  22. Thank you to all the politicians in the Liberal, National and Labor parties who supported this Bill with their conscience votes.
    Thank you to Clover Moore for pushing the bill along and thank you to the Greens for helping.

  23. So Porn King Fred Nile has a say on children? Jesus hated hypocrites and so do I.

    These changes are about vilifying people who are from our community. The Amendments are about hate. They are about exclusion. They are not about assessing the ability of a child to have a loving and stable home. They are put forward by people wishing to abuse children by condemning them to a life in institutions religious groups make a profit from. Not every child is adopted. Not every child has a chance. These changes make it so much harder for a child to be provide with a safe and loving home.

  24. So… let me get this right- Frank Sartor has gone out of his way to be homophobic?
    Well thankyou very much Frank!!!! You are putting yourself in the same league as Fred Nile?

    btw- with all the talk about puppets popping out of every corner in NSW politics…. is this homophobic ammendment by Frank his own, or some sort of puppet action?