Lowe-down on ChilliOut

Lowe-down on ChilliOut

The ChillOut board of management will partner with the same company contracted to run Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival, Adam Lowe Group.

Adam Lowe Group will be involved in the production of the 2010 ChillOut Festival, which this year attracted around 25,000 people over the Labour Day long weekend.

The partnership will settle some concerns held by organisers that the festival had a shaky future if the help of paid staff wasn’t secured.

By securing passionate support from a professional event management company who understand our community and ChillOut, we have taken a big step in securing the festival’s future in Daylesford, festival director Jim Culbertson said.

The rural Victorian gay and lesbian event was forced to take a break in 2007 as a result of volunteer burnout, a situation new ChillOut president Adam Wright said he wanted to avoid.

The job and resources required for planning, producing and delivering ChillOut each year is enormous and has outgrown what can reasonably be expected from a few local volunteers, he said.

We’ve been working the past two years on finding ways to make ChillOut more sustainable over the long run.

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One response to “Lowe-down on ChilliOut”

  1. Is this crowd making a profit outta this – note that social service/hiv gays don’t even get concessionms at Chillout!