Mardi Gras rolling in cash despite ongoing dramas

Mardi Gras rolling in cash despite ongoing dramas

A TWO-year restructuring of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Limited has seen the organisation record a remarkable financial result – a surplus of $183,068.

Treasurer Damien Hodgkinson described the result as great news for the future of Mardi Gras as it allows for future-focussed planning and flexibility when developing new events.

“This is really exciting especially as we approach our 40th anniversary in 2018,” he said.

The previous management had operated the organisation like an events company for five years, but for the past two years the board has focused on aligning it was a social justice organisation with the aim of giving members in the community a voice.

Co-Chair Fran Bowron said the financial result is the next step in the transformation plan to build it into a sustainable organisation.

The restructuring process involved streamlining the financial and IT systems, reassessing the strategy and focus of every major event.

“Changes have been planned and introduced gradually to ensure a stable base for future sustainable success,” Bowron said.

“We also have a great new team here at Mardi Gras – working towards the presentation of an exciting 2017 season that will be launched at the end of November.”

She said all organisations need to continually evolve and change in order to survive, and Mardi Gras continues to produce events that provide a platform for all communities to celebrate together.

Despite dramas surrounding current and possible incoming board members, Bowron said they are not worried about it disrupting the current successful run.

The introduction of two-year board terms in 2014 ensures continuity of governance and focus on strategic planning over a longer period.

“There are now only four vacancies each year, while the other four continue until the following year,” she said.

“This results in a smoother transition of any new directors onto the board and continuity of operational activities.”

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One response to “Mardi Gras rolling in cash despite ongoing dramas”

  1. Great to see a small profit although a globally recognised brand as big as Mardi Gras should be making significantly more money and then reinvesting into the community. Then the organisations has real purpose. $183,000 profit is dissapointing. The directors who have been there for years of losses need to move on.