Peel owner seeks Liberal preselection

Peel owner seeks Liberal preselection

The community is divided on news the owner of Melbourne’s Peel Hotel,  Tom McFeely, is seeking endorsement from the Liberal Party to stand as a ‘number two’ at the Victorian election this year.

McFeely revealed his intention to stand for an Upper House seat in an open letter to the community last week.

McFeely told Sydney Star Observer that while he would stand up for gay rights if he won a seat, he was not simply a ‘gay candidate’.

“I view myself as an individual small businessman … I feel strongly about things and I happen to be gay,” he said.

“I will in one sense be an advocate, but I certainly won’t be running on any gay platform. I think politicians are there to represent every voter.”

McFeely is seeking endorsement to run as a second candidate to Liberal Matthew Guy who currently holds the northern metropolitan region seat and is expected to re-contest.

The news has received mixed reception with comments on Southern Star’s website ( claiming McFeely had “sold out” with his choice of party.

McFeely said he knew there would be “some opposition” to his decision but said he believed the Liberal Party would better serve the GLBTI community.

“I actually see it as an opportunity for both the Liberal Party and the gay community,” he said. “If you research it … the Liberal Party’s done quite a lot for the community, and I think it’s unfortunate that they’ve had a bad rap over the years.

“I think it would be a win-win situation.”

McFeely said his main motivation to enter politics was based on his “strong views” on law and order and small business.

On his chances of preselection McFeely said he was “optimistic”.

The Sunday Age reported that McFeely had “the support of senior Liberals” for the northern metropolitan region seat.

“There’s not really a lot I can say until I see what happens … I am optimistic as every candidate is optimistic,” he said.

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3 responses to “Peel owner seeks Liberal preselection”

  1. That’s Business for you. A lot of us have known this for years. But it wont stop people or are community from going there and spending BIG dollars. He has the right as most of us do to choice what ever life style, politics or realign he wants. I know I do. And weather he is in or out that wont change any think for me as a gay male or thousands of others.

  2. So Mr McFeely would like to see more Laura Norder. One sure way to crackdown on violent crime is to crackdown on alcohol usage. But that would mean he’d be forced to choose between profits and principles. Decisions, decisions…

  3. Let us not forget McFeely does not support Gay Marriage. He is trying to work against the GLBTI community by advocating to take rights away from us and to treat us as second class citizens using the millions he has made from our community at the Peel Hotel.

    For someone who owns the Peel Hotel McFeely makes your head spin. He could of said he will support our community and be a champion of rights within the Liberal Party. Instead he wants us to change our lifestyle to match the morality of the Liberal Party.

    Tom is seeking to deny us rights just because of our sexuality.

    The Age wrote about this.