Queer Screen to support filmmakers

Queer Screen to support filmmakers

Queer Screen will assist people to make movies, not just screen them, as part of the organisation’s restructure.

Queer Screen president Monica Considine told the Star Observer that over the last five years the demographics of Mardi Gras Film Festival attendees had changed.

“With ticket sales, the trend has been down over the last five years,” Considine said.

“Slightly, year on year, the audience participation has gone down and that’s probably because people are now accessing queer content in a lot of different ways — through the Sydney Film Festival, by downloading it, and other avenues.

“In recognition of that, we’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to try to ensure that Queer Screen is actively helping filmmakers to make film, not just screen it.

“We’re also going to provide a number of filmmaker-in-residence positions — we’re going to give three filmmakers a free work space.”

Queer Screen hopes to have a pilot program for the filmmaker-in-residence program implemented by August following its annual donation drive. A formal announcement of the program and how to apply will be made before then.

Considine said Queer Screen would be willing to consider any GLBTI-themed screen project submitted to them.

“We’re open to anything at all,” she said. “We’re not going to make any restrictions on age or what the person is doing but the board will decide once those submissions come in.”

Queer Screen has also begun its annual donations drive with a fundraising target of $50,000.

All donations are tax deductable and can be made by Electronic Funds Transfer to the Queer Screen Ltd Public Fund, BSB: 032 023, Account No: 219503, or by cheques made out to the Queer Screen Public Fund and mailed to PO Box 1081 Darlinghurst, NSW 1300.

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