Sydney Catholic School Bans Same-Sex Partners From Year 12 Formal

Sydney Catholic School Bans Same-Sex Partners From Year 12 Formal
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A Sydney Catholic school has banned students from taking their same-sex partners to the Year 12 formal. 

A student of St. Ursula’s in Kingsgrove NSW started a petition calling out the discriminatory policy and asking the school to allow same-sex partners to attend the formal. The petition has garnered over 4,500 signatures and even support from NSW Premier Chris Minns, who has called on the school to roll back its ban. 

Abbie Frankland said they were all set to attend the Year 12 formal but found out about the school’s ban. 

“My girlfriend and I, along with many other students at St. Ursula’s in Kingsgrove NSW, Australia, have been eagerly awaiting the school formal for months,” Frankland said in her petition. 

School Bans Same-Sex Partners

Students had purchased the non-refundable tickets and shopped for outfits to wear at the much-awaited event. 

“However, we’ve recently discovered that the school does not allow same-sex couples to attend the formal together.”

Frankland called out the school for discrimination against students who wanted to take their same-sex partners to the formal. 

“This policy not only discriminates against LGBTQ+ students but also puts us in a difficult financial situation as we are left with non-refundable tickets and clothes that were bought specifically for this occasion,” said Frankland. 

The student pointed to the support for same-sex relationships and cited the results of the 2017 marriage equality vote when over 61.6 per cent of Australians voted to legalise gay marriages. 

Minns Backs Student’s Petition

“Yet, despite this clear public sentiment towards inclusivity and acceptance, schools like St Ursula’s continue to uphold discriminatory policies,” said Frankland, adding, “We believe it is time for St. Ursula’s to align itself with these values by allowing all students – regardless of their sexual orientation – to bring their chosen partner to the school formal.”

Frankland urged people to support her petition. “By signing this petition, you’re standing up against discrimination and supporting equal rights for all students at St. Ursula’s School in Kingsgrove NSW, Australia.”

NSW Premier Chris Minns backed the students. ‘I think in this day and age you should be able to take anyone you like to your Year 12 formal – we are after all talking about teenagers who are close to or over the age of 18,” Minns told mediapersons.

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2 responses to “Sydney Catholic School Bans Same-Sex Partners From Year 12 Formal”

  1. Just turn up! What are they going to do? Frog-march you off the premises?


  2. People of all sexualities for a great number of years have funded the catholic system by way of donation; it being in the form of bequest, charity, goodwill, etc., etc. If by church principles the school has what it believes a conflict of interest, may I suggest, if it does not get on board ultimately it will be left without a platform to stand on.