The artful apartment

The artful apartment

For most of us this is a book to inspire daydreams rather than provide any practical blueprints for our next renovation. Money, position and some of the world’s best designers look out at you from every page.

However, this book will certainly send your mind racing in all sorts of directions.

Many of the apartments featured provide classic examples of minimalist modernism: clean lines, white walls and stainless steel kitchens. Others are highly individual such as the old-fashioned wood-lined study of a New York writer, complete with domed roof and heavy wood columns.

Two of the dominant themes that emerge are the integration of art collections into the design and the integration of exterior and interior spaces.

A number of apartments have been specifically designed to show off the owner’s art collection. In these apartments the design has been kept simple in order to highlight the display of the art.

The interesting thing about these designs is the creation of major and minor display areas. Art does not just have to be limited to the display wall of the living room. It can enliven kitchens, corridors and transitional spaces when enough care is taken to match the right space with the right artwork.

Not surprisingly the Sydney apartments feature spectacular views or a keen sense of exterior space. The Aquilon apartments take this to heart with the use of glass and timber louvres with fully adjustable frames, which allow for maximum flexibility.

Balconies or loggia become extensions of the living spaces or can be shut off for privacy or weather protection.

Some of the apartments will set readers drooling but carefully pursued there are plenty of good ideas in the details of these apartments.

Each apartment is treated to a lavish six-page spread, the quality of the photography is excellent and the commentary brief but informative.

This book would make a great gift, or a great treat for yourself.

50 Of The World’s Best Apartments is published by Image Publishing, RRP $84.99.

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