Transgender rights

Transgender rights

The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, Thomas Hammarberg, has called for an end to discrimination and brutal hate crimes against the transgender community in Europe.

In a statement released last week, Hammarberg said transgender people in Europe face ongoing discrimination, insensitivity, prejudice or outright rejection.

I have been struck by the lack of knowledge about the human rights issues at stake for transgender persons, even among political decision-makers.

The result is that individuals are discriminated against all over Europe … [member states] should take all necessary concrete action to ensure that transphobia is stopped and that transgender persons are no longer discriminated against in any field.

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2 responses to “Transgender rights”

  1. What the hell’s a transexual? Is it like the lady in the US that became a guy and demanded all of her rights, but then got all clucky and decided to become pregnant and give birth?

  2. Hear hear! Trans folk are among the most discriminated-against segments of the GLBTQ community – even *within* the GLBTQ community. Dignity and compassion for all!

    Demand a higher standard of Personal Development Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) in ALL Australian schools, a standard which more fully reflects and respects gender and sexuality diversity thus preparing successive generations of young Australian to be mature sociable empathic adults with no time, nor room in their hearts, for hate of “The Other”.

    Advance Australia Fairer.