Transsexual research call

Transsexual research call

A Griffith University researcher is seeking to explore the mental health and wellbeing of transsexuals.

Prior mental health issues are expected to subside when a person adopts a preferred gender, but limited research has been carried out on the issue and most research has focused on people who have had gender reassignment surgery when only a small percentage of transsexuals opt for surgery.

Griffith University clinical psychologist and PhD student Ashley van Houten a member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and the Australian Psychological Society, has developed a psychological tool to help assess the attributes of transsexual people living in their preferred gender.

“This research will help us understand the persistent problems that transsexuals have and help train mental health professionals to assist them to manage these problems more effectively,” van Houten said.

The research is supported by a consultative committee which includes New Zealand’s Georgina Beyer, who became the world’s first transsexual parliamentarian in 1999.

info: Australian and New Zealand transsexuals who are living in their preferred gender can participate at

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8 responses to “Transsexual research call”

  1. This is what I post as standard on sites that have phobic hogwashers commenting which is not the case here. I am GRT (gender reassignment transition) to female living in Glendale CA. Love Australia/ns!! I have served in law enforcement in the USAF, CA Highway Patrol, and Los Angeles County Police Dept Hospital division. I hope to someday return to law enforcement in my new gender!

    Ok. First the “bad” news (for whom the shoe fits):

    Biologically, don’t believe me look it up, we have all been FEMALE. [Gentle]men remove your shirt, and may I direct your gaze to your undeveloped breasts topped by (hold on to your macho hat)…NIPPLES!!!

    Indeed, male nipples that often are more sensitive than females!

    None of us are either 100% male or female. We, yes—you too macho man—all have:

    the FEMALE hormone ESTROGEN
    and the male hormone TESTOSTERONE.
    Don’t believe me, look it up.

    So….we are either MOSTLY male or MOSTLY female depending on measurable levels. The truth is of course that we are a composite or, based on the literate level of previous posts, I need to break it down further so it can be understood: internally we are BOTH male and female.

    How? It is not genitalia that neither a boy or girl makes. Without hormones, the genitalia would be just another growth but our bodies, well, there would just be people with different body parts.

    Its the ESTROGEN and TESTOSTERONE that develop a child into? Quiz time:

    1. bald eagle
    2. wolf.
    3. boy
    4. girl.

    So this is how a person CAN medically BECOME the “opposite” gender? (yes even a macho man as long as blood runs in his veins) This is how women medically (not psychologically) BECOME men and men BECOME women.

    Didn’t know that did you? Neither did I. I thought after puberty, what’s done is done. I always thought external “reconstruction” was the only change possible. For you see, gender-specific hormones begin to “grow” the body again to the opposite gender…and here’s the key many “outsiders” fail to comprehend…from the inside out.

    Its no different than when someone wants to BECOME a movie star, firefighter, whatever. Actually it is different. No one can BECOME their occupation—they just perform it as trained because a role is a role is a role.

    Now the GOOD NEWS!

    So, armed with this knowledge, I BECAME female, as have other GRT (Gender Reassignment Transition) females. Again, please do not confuse BECOMING with ROLE PLAYING entertainment such as cross-dressing, “drag”, or any other external expression that are enjoyed by many as they should be.

    Oh, this isn’t just opinion—you see before I could BECOME female legally my MEDICAL DR. had to give me his blessings on paper. Its not what a police officer, or what a lawyer or judge, not even what you macho man THINKS, but what a MEDICAL doctor KNOWS to be MEDICAL FACT which of course he would corroborate on the witness stand.

    My parting comment: credibility is earned in the following manner:

    *showing respect to the unique differences in others whatever they may be
    *such respect then means the dialogue will not escalate to personal attacks
    *the absence of personal attacks is the presence of understanding, though not always agreement
    *such understanding acknowledges that the existence of differences is mutual

    This will result in increased coexistence amongst our fellow human brothers and sisters (SAFETY)

    So, the phobic posts focus attention from discussion about the topic to the clearly-evident phobia. I, for one, ignore such posts because the hate/hostility cancels out any credibility!


    Delphi, GRT/f, Air Force-served.

  2. Another person doing so called research on transgender people, like we are caged monkeys or some kind of freaks, it’s interesting that these people want to research transgender people but do nothing in assisting laws to cover the cost of surgery instead they forgot about them once the research is done, how pathetic

  3. Gender reassignment surgery should be covered by Medicare. It makes no sense to me not to allow this as it is about equality of access to Health.

  4. I agree with V and Jessica.

    Too many articles and opinion pieces dealing with so-called “transsexuals” trivialise and mystify their predicament by describing them in terms more appropriate to cross-dressers and other transgender people by using terms such as “preferred gender” and “opt for surgery”.

    The best evidence is that transsexualism is an intersexual condition and those who really do experience transsexualism experience a predicament whereby they experience huge suffering, self-harm and sometimes take their own lives if they are not able to afford Genital Reassignment Surgery and other such medical treatments that unify the physical body with the innate and unalterable male or female identity or psych with which they are born.

    That Australians of all ages who experience transsexualism are made to suffer so much due to the cost and lack of provision of such meidical treatment and other necessary treatments is a national human rights disgrace that results in needless suffering and even suicide.

    It does noone any favours to confuse the critical medical and psychological needs of Australians who live with transsexualism with that of cross-dressers and other trans/pan-gender Australians for whom body art or transformation is an option.

    I hope this study helps debunk the myth that transsexualism is just some extreme form of transgender and applies language which allows for diversity to be honoured.

  5. I’ve had approval for gender reassignment surgery for 18 years now, however I don’t have the funds required to undergo the procedure which is my dream to be able to live a normal life. To be able to come up with $30.000 is very difficult and I am struggling to get this money which would assist in being able to complete this procedure.

  6. ” when only a small percentage of transsexuals opt for surgery.”

    The main reason for this is the high cost of reassignment surgery which efectively puts it completely out of reach for the poor. You’d do well to mention this in your article.