Activists call on Peter Dutton to shoulder blame for Joyce pie attack

Activists call on Peter Dutton to shoulder blame for Joyce pie attack

EQUALITY advocates have blamed Peter Dutton for creating a political environment that led to Alan Joyce’s pie attack this week.

Tony Overheu admitted he threw a pie at Qantas boss Alan Joyce to protest his support for marriage equality.

Activists have called on politicians and groups opposed to marriage equality, including the Australian Christian Lobby, to condemn assault by opponents of same-sex marriage.

Marriage equality group just.equal slammed the attack, saying it “has damaged the credibility of the entire movement against marriage equality”.

“We call on the Australian Christian Lobby, and other groups and public figures who oppose marriage equality, to condemn the attack on Alan Joyce and take steps to ensure their supporters understand this kind of behaviour is not acceptable,” said spokesperson Ivan Hinton-Teoh.

He also called on Minister Peter Dutton to shoulder part responsibility for the attack, after his recent condemnation of business leaders including Joyce for speaking out in support of marriage equality.

“Mr Dutton may not have thrown the pie but his comments created a climate of resentment and loathing towards business leaders who support marriage equality,” said Hinton-Teoh.

“He has a responsibility to make it clear that all civil and respectful voices have a valued place in the marriage equality debate.

“The best way to ensure this unacceptable behaviour doesn’t happen again is for the government to allow a free vote so marriage equality can pass ASAP.

“In the meantime, there must be civility on both sides of the marriage equality debate.”

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2 responses to “Activists call on Peter Dutton to shoulder blame for Joyce pie attack”

  1. Ah Peter Dutton. The man who wants free speech for racists via diluting or eradicating 18C of the RDA but wants to shut down free speech if it’s a gay bloke pointing out that Australia is increasingly on the wrong side of history as far as civil rights are concerned.

    He’s an example of a “Christian” who believes that the central message of Jesus was to promote racial abuse and that loving thy neighbour is conditional on them not being different to you in any way.