Review: ‘Matador’ is a queer burlesque wonderland

Review: ‘Matador’ is a queer burlesque wonderland

Inspired by the age-old tale of the bull and the matador, the aptly titled Matador is a fiery fusion of burlesque, circus, and dance, performed in the unique and beautiful Melba Spiegeltent in Collingwood.

Comprised of 14 incredible performers with a diverse range of skill sets – that include but are not limited to aerial acts, ballet, and pole dancing – the show follows a tale of forbidden love, carnal desires, passion, and pain.

The show takes audiences on an emotionally charged journey through love and it’s many faces: from the first moments you lay your eyes on that someone special, to the butterflies and the doubt.

Each ‘act’ is stunningly performed and gorgeous to watch, and several of them are shown through a queer lens – whether it be two men dancing passionately together, or two women seducing each other through movement from opposite sides of the stage.

It’s an empowering show and a visual treat, one that blurs the lines between straight and gay. Passion and desire are the common unifiers in Matador, and it’s truly marvellous to watch.

The journey that several of the performers take over the course of the show, one of self discovery, identity, and sexuality, is one that will particularly resonate with LGBTI viewers.

The lighting and stage set-up are also phenomenal, ensuring an intimate atmosphere for audiences, who are often mere feet away from the action. The lighting also flirts between soft, cool lighting during the more tender moments of the show and fiery red lighting when the passion and lust are turned up.

Come for the gorgeous and diverse dancers, and the sexually charged performances, and stay for the messages of self-love and self-determination.

Matador will be hosted at the Melba Spiegeltent on Friday 1 March and Saturday 2 March.

For more information or to buy tickets, visit:

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