‘We are better than you’: Sticky Fingers singer responds to transphobia allegation

‘We are better than you’: Sticky Fingers singer responds to transphobia allegation
Image: Photo: Instagram / Sticky Fingers.

Sydney indie band Sticky Fingers have hit back at “the haters” after singer Dylan Frost allegedly harassed a trans woman in an inner west pub last week.

Model and writer Alexandra Tanygina said she was accosted by an intoxicated and hostile Frost on Wednesday night, Junkee has reported.

Tanygina said Frost was “snarky”, and making “unnecessary comments” to her before calling her “crazy”.

She replied, “At least I’m not a racist and my career isn’t over,” referring to Frost’s alleged involvement in two separate incidents of harassment and violence against Indigenous musicians in 2016.

Tanygina said Frost began ranting about trans women, calling her “a floozy and a bitch”, before trying to start a physical fight.

“He started going on this rant about how he hates transgender feminists,” she said.

“[Then] he starting saying he couldn’t be a racist because he’s of Maori descent and he couldn’t be a sexist or homophobe because his mum’s a lesbian feminist.

“He starting coming for me and trying to fight, saying ‘I’ll fight you!’—and one of my friends got up to kind of block him from me.”

Frost was reportedly removed from the pub by staff.

He has acknowledged that he was asked to leave, but denied threatening violence and claimed Tanygina instigated the altercation.

“As [Frost] was leaving he was approached and verbally attacked by a stranger and called a racist,” said a spokesperson for the band.

“Dylan said it was bullshit and to leave him alone. She continued to harass him, and her friend then joined in and threatened him and Dylan told him to fuck off.

“The manager noticed there was tension and asked them to leave, which Dylan did.”

Sticky Fingers yesterday posted on Instagram a picture of the band posing with gold records, captioned: “To all our friends, fans, n fam; you’re all a bunch a BEAUTIES. To all the haters; we are better than you. NEVER FORGET.”

The band is currently staging a comeback after being on hiatus since 2016.

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