Tasmanian Government supports marriage equality

Tasmanian Government supports marriage equality
Image: Will Hodgman, the Premier of Tasmania.

THE Tasmanian State Parliament now stands united in throwing their support behind marriage equality.

While the Lower House successfully voted in favour of showing their support last November, the Upper House conducted a similar in-principle vote this week, after Independent Tony Mulder put forward a motion that was carried eight votes to five.

Mulder believed this to be an important matter worth discussing in the lead-up to a potential plebiscite into same-sex marriage.

“It’s in the context of the plebiscite that this House should show some leadership, not only on this issue but on how is should be debated,” Mulder said.

“It is my intention with this debate to demonstrate that the matter should, and can, be dealt with tolerantly, with empathy, and with respect.”

The vote has been well received by marriage equality advocates, including former Australian Marriage Equality director Rodney Croome.

“It’s an historic day to see the traditionally conservative Tasmanian Upper House vote so decisively in favour of marriage equality,” Croome according to ABC News.

“If the Tasmanian Upper House can back marriage equality, anyone can.”

The Upper House had previously voted down support for same-sex marriage in 2012.

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4 responses to “Tasmanian Government supports marriage equality”

  1. Just contacted the Tasmanian BDM, gay marriage is not legal within Tasmania – stop lying to us SSO!

    I am a 36 year old non gentle Labor voting straight man, My brother is a butch 31 year old high cholesterol gentle Liberal voter gay man and have been invited to be his best man at his wedding in Scotland next year. Australia is an complete embarrassment to the world. Do not blame me I voted Labor at the last federal election and have previously voted for the Greens. The Greens are now way too fucking far left, communist radicalism – ever since Bob Brown left and Lee Rhiannon took over the NSW faction side.

    It is because you people within the the PMs seat of Wentworth stole the election and look at the mess we are in now with anti-gay zealots such as Pauline Hanson, Cory Benardi, Tony Abbott and Eric Abez. Too busy caring about your money than human rights values indeed! There I said it and have the guts to say it! Why are gay men like my brother voting for the Liberal party?

    Congratulations Australia! [sarcastic tone]

    Innovation indeed…

  2. I am a gay man and waiting to get married – along with thousands or possibly millions of others just like me! But for once, let’s be 100% realistic here people. Australia currently has a conservative Liberal/National government and Tasmania also currently has a conservative Liberal government.

    So let’s get this straight – gay marriage will not happen until at least the next federal election in 2019. Stop wasting time on this issue SSO – Just accept it and move on for once. Think positive – Let’s focus on the things we can achieve, instead of the things we can not achieve!

    I personally will be running for the Australian Parliament within the Senate in 2019 – the very moment the election gets called!

  3. I have said it before and I will say it again for the past 11 years. Marriage is a federal issue! The only way to change the Marriage Act 1961, is with a conscience vote within the Australian Parliament. What is wrong with the SSO these days?

  4. You send a message Tasmanians are not part of Australia.
    The Vote was not unanimous and was for ‘in principal.’
    Plebiscite is for all Australians, stop wasting your breath.