‘The only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman’: One Nation candidate

‘The only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman’: One Nation candidate
Image: Image: Facebook / Stuart Bonds for Hunter - Pauline Hanson's One Nation.

A One Nation candidate has deleted a YouTube video after drawing criticism for his comments against gay people and women.

Stuart Bonds, candidate for Hunter, was filmed commenting, “The only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman.

“I don’t have a woman boss and I don’t have a gay boss, and there’s a reason for that.”

The video was on a family YouTube page run by his tattoo model wife Sini Ariell, and removed days after the election was called, Nine News has reported.

Bonds said he is “absolutely not” a homophobe or misogynist, but when asked if he regretted his comments, answered “No, no, no.”

Pauline Hanson declined to comment on whether she still supports Bonds.

One Nation candidates have a history of headline-grabbing homophobic comments.

In 2017, several candidates landed in hot water for their remarks about gay people.

Tracey Bell-Henselin, then the party’s Glasshouse candidate, made a series of comments of Facebook attacking gay people, claiming that “LGBTI is out to destroy families” and calling the gay community “the real manipulating bigot”.

Hanson defended Bell-Henselin at the time, saying her comments had been taken out of context.

The incident followed One Nation’s dumping of Bundamba candidate Shan Ju Lin for homophobic online comments.

The party’s former candidate for Currumbin, Andy Semple, resigned after refusing to delete a tweet joking about the “Pink Mafia”.

Michelle Meyers, the One Nation candidate for Bateman in WA, was criticised and ridiculed the same year for accusing gay people of using Nazi-style mind control techniques.

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5 responses to “‘The only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman’: One Nation candidate”

  1. I by no means support ONP, but I do wish such articles gave some sort of link to sources of more detailed information… or directly include some further context in the story at least. That way the public could have a chance to actually discuss the situation in full context, rather than simply dismissing the root issues.

  2. Seems like Pauline Hanson can only recruit a bunch of MISFITS who are still searching for their place in a modern society.

  3. One Nation candidates have a very serious mental disorder and need urgent treatment immediately! Honestly and seriously.

  4. Stuart Bonds says: “I have neither a Gay nor Female Boss and that there is a reason for that.”
    Problem: He refuses to state that reason.
    Because he is probably unemployed and always has been. In other words he is a “Dole Bludger”
    As a candidate for the Party owned and totally controlled by that woman from Queensland just what gender does he consider his boss to be?
    Like her or loathe her, Racist. Xenophobe, Homophobe, Bigot and neo-Fascist she may we be and for all of that she deserves our pity but there is no doubt that she is a Female so how does that sit with Stuart?

  5. So as I read this Stuart Bonds appears to be confirming that Pauline Hanson is not a woman.

    Fascinating stuff. Certainly explains Latham’s obsession with trans folks.