Calls for Premier Napthine to condemn MP over same-sex adoption remarks

Calls for Premier Napthine to condemn MP over same-sex adoption remarks

THE Victorian Labor opposition has called on Premier Denis Napthine to condemn state upper house Liberal MP Bernie Finn over public comments criticising same-sex adoption.

The call comes after the Premier signalled last week he would be open to legalising same-sex adoption in Victoria, following a change to Victorian Labor’s policy platform that thrust the issue into the media. Napthine said he is “philosophically not against it”, and indicated the government was investigating the issue.

“My reaction is we should always act in the best interests of the child and what we need to do is make sure that we provide for children who need an alternate home, we provide the best opportunity to have a loving home and that loving home can be a loving family of various descriptions,” Napthine said.

“What is a modern family today is quite different to the nuclear family of the 1950s.”

After the Premier’s comments, Bernie Finn took to Facebook to make his state views on same-sex adoption, saying he would rather join the cheer squad for the Collingwood Football Club before he would support same-sex adoption.

He also said: “After thousands of years of mums and dads, you show me the proof having two mums or two dads won’t hurt the kids.”

Finn was widely-criticised earlier this year for arguing against abortion under any circumstances, including rape.

Labor’s spokesperson for LGBTI equality Martin Foley said the Premier should condemn “the culture of homophobia within the Liberal Party”.

“The Premier must condemn Bernie Finn and call out his comments for what they are — homophobic,” Foley said.

Napthine said he disagreed with Finn’s comments, but stopped short of addressing the allegation of homophobia within the Victorian Liberal Party.

“I have made my views known on this and do not support what Mr Finn has said,” Napthine told the Star Observer.

Last week Prahran state Liberal MP Clem Newton-Brown told the Star Observer he was investigating same-sex adoption in Victoria. Newton-Brown is meeting with some of the state’s rainbow families to learn more.

Rainbow Families Council said they were encouraged by the Premier’s openness on the issue, and said they looked forward to taking rainbow families to meet with Newton-Brown.

“We’re meeting with Clem Newton-Brown and taking some families to meet him… Rainbow families are like any other families, full of people that love and nurture each other,” a spokesperson told the Star Observer.

“Rainbow Families Council were really encouraged by Denis Napthine’s comments last week.”

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3 responses to “Calls for Premier Napthine to condemn MP over same-sex adoption remarks”

  1. The simple message is: Leave our children alone!!!!
    If you must carry out these sordid activities then keep it to yourself and do not promote it to anyone especially to our children.
    I believe Russia is on the right track.

  2. Again we can not have a public debate that everyone fears.

    There is no other tool in the LGBIT strategy bag than Veritaphobia, used endlessly to silence debate and avoid facts, destroy freedom of speech and empower the politically correct police.

    It’s becoming increasingly difficult to learn the truth in our public discourse because of the shrillness of attack in public debate. The main component of the shrillness is the use of character assassination, or demonization. This is pure loss of topic based on ‘ad hominem’ (Latin for “to the man” or “to the person”), attack.

    The veritaphobic abuse and the resulting fear to speak facts or truth allows the seductions of Lies to proliferate unchallenged until the advocates of lies become invincibly ignorant and outrageously arrogant and truth and merit are never seriously debated on issue. Vitriol is no substitute for debate and reason.

    It escapes the Politically Correct police and the LBGIT acolytes, that calumny (the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander) and the like is legally and morally deficient. Rather they believe that the ends justify the means, at least in the perpetrator’s own mind. Again serious debate, public discussion of truth and freedom of speech is the first casualty long before there is ever a second comment.

    I have a gay brother, I do not support his views nor his reasons. More interestingly, neither of us support gay adoption or gay marriage. But most disappointing of all, is that is a free society (which it used to be) those reasons never appear in serious public discussion or debate because of the LGBIT and Politically Correct Policing of the topic.

    LGBIT and Gay Acolytes, along with the Politically Correct Police, are fast becoming the cancer to democracy because of the Veritaphobia they wield especially with the media’s support.

    Shame Australia Shame.

  3. This article may as well have been paid for by the Liberal Party.

    Nice to see where the Star’s loyalties are.

    Liberal MPs attack us with homophobic abuse and the Star spins it into a story about how Clem Newton-Brown and Denis Napthine are the best friends we’ve ever had.

    Here’s an easy test – if the Libs truly do support us, Denis Napthine should expel Bernie Finn from the Liberal Party and use his numbers in the Parliament to legislate for same-sex adoption – now.

    If not, peddle your lies elsewhere.

    And Star – shame on you for adopting an editorial line that fails to stand up for your readers.