Coalition MP in favour of marriage

Coalition MP in favour of marriage

Opposition parliamentary secretary for the Murray-Darling Basin Simon Birmingham has spoken out in favour of same-sex marriage.

Birmingham told The Australian yesterday he believes the Coalition should be allowed a  conscience vote on the issue and that he would “in principle” support change to allow for same-sex marriage.

Two other Coaltion MPs have spoken out in favour of gay marriage this week, long-term same-sex rights advocate Queensland MP Warren Entsch and Western Australian MP Mal Washer.

From the Labor Party, Senator Doug Cameron, right-wing power brokers Mark Arbib and Bill Shorten, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett, Victorian Ministers Maxine Morand and Bronwyn Pike, and South Australian MLC Ian Hunter have all spoken in favour of same-sex marriage.

Federal Greens MP Adam Bandt has moved a motion to call on parliamentarians to speak on the issue.

The Greens are pushing for a conscience vote for their Marriage Equality Amendment Bill, currently before Parliament.

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2 responses to “Coalition MP in favour of marriage”

  1. I applaud Birmingham.

    In context of the Liberals broadening their support base, my thoughts are that Liberals and Greens could actually compliment each other; the Green social policy enhancing the Liberals and the Liberals’ economic policy enhancing the Greens beyond that of opportunistic tree, anti corporate hugging hippies. Imagine that!