Man detained at Melbourne Pride March vows to boo Liberals again next year

Man detained at Melbourne Pride March vows to boo Liberals again next year
Image: Photo: Michael Barnett.

A man who was detained during this year’s Midsumma Festival Pride march has promised to return and repeat his protest next year.

Tony Pitman was detained while protesting the Liberal Party at the march last month, but released without charge.

Pitman said he was booing and shouting “you’re not welcome” at the Liberal Party contingent of the Pride march.

Police alleged that Pitman’s behaviour had been threatening to others’ safety and “in breach of the peace”.

“Victoria Police respects people’s right to protest peacefully, but will not tolerate those who break the law,” said a Victoria Police spokesperson.

A Midsumma spokesperson stated that “peaceful protest” was supported by the festival.

“Midsumma does and will continue to actively support peaceful protest and we are very sorry that such an incident marred the day,” said a spokesperson.

Pitman yesterday released a statement announcing his intention to repeat the protest at next year’s march.

“More specifically, I intend to hire a megaphone and boo the Liberal Party contingent for the entire length of the Pride march, from the beginning to the end,” said Pitman.

“I will walk alongside the Liberal Party marchers are peacefully express my political opinion all the way along Fitzroy Street.”

Pitman said he will formally inform march organisers, police, and media closer to the event date to ensure their awareness of his plans for legitimate peaceful protest.

“I will also ask a friend to video the event, so that, should a ‘misunderstanding’ arise, there will be an audiovisual recording of the incident,” he added.

He invited others to join him and “peacefully boo” against the Liberal Party at next year’s Pride march.

Pitman noted in his statement that should the Liberal Party change its policies to unambiguously support LGBTI rights, and apologise for its past actions against the community, he will not protest.

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6 responses to “Man detained at Melbourne Pride March vows to boo Liberals again next year”

  1. The Liberal Party is no different to the Labor Party – both have got supporters of the community and those who oppose us. Ironic that this guy wants to boo the Libs when at least they finally put through SSM after subjecting everyone to a torture test in the process – but still achieved more than the ALP did in six years.

  2. Interestingly this guy has forgotten history, it was the Liberal Party which brought gay reform into Victoria under the Hammer Government well before the Labor Party in NSW and other states in fact the Labor Governments draged their feet on the issue for many years especially in Tasmania.

  3. I admire Tony’s conviction and respect him deeply. It’s people like Tony, who are prepared to make personal sacrifice, to point out the injustices we face.

    He walks in the footsteps of people like Rodney Croome, who were prepared to get arrested despite unjust laws.

    In this case, the presence of the Liberal Party at a Pride March is offensive and they deserve to be booed.

    • I agree..

      How many Gay Weddings will be used for free publicity by some activists this year ??

      We’re all a bunch of hypocrites when we want Equality yet exclude people we don’t like.


      It’s called a democracy.