Dua Lipa waves rainbow flag for LGBTI rights at Melbourne concert

Dua Lipa waves rainbow flag for LGBTI rights at Melbourne concert
Image: Dua Lipa. Image: Supplied.

British pop star Dua Lipa gave a big shout-out to her LGBTI fans at her Melbourne concert last night, waving a rainbow flag during the show.

During her performance of Blow Your Mind she waved a rainbow flag, to the delight of the crowd.

Lipa, 22, is a friend of the community with many queer fans, and has performed at LGBTI music events.

The music video for ‘Blow Your Mind’ also features a rainbow flag, alongside androgynous models in a queer aesthetic.

In a 2016 interview with Gay Times, Lipa said she wanted the hit song to be a campaign “for niceness” and inclusion for everyone, including women and LGBTI people.

“I feel like I wanted to touch on so many different things, quite serious topics happening in the world, but without making it too political or too serious,” she said.

“I wanted to do my form of representation, and to have fun with it.

“There were loads of different things in that video that were about girl power and gay pride and showing support for the [LGBTI] community, as well as just having fun on the day and doing whatever the fuck we wanted.”

Lipa said she thinks performers have a responsibility to support the queer community in a visible way.

“I think artists should really use their power and presence on social media to just put it out there and show support,” she said.

“It’s important because different people look up to them, and they should use that voice to their advantage.”

Lipa is a big fan of Australian singer Troye Sivan, and in the past has even hinted at the possibility of a musical collaboration someday.

Continuing the Australian leg of her current international tour, Lipa is next performing a sold-out show at Luna Park in Sydney next Wednesday 21 March.


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