Nate Byrne Headed To Play School

Nate Byrne Headed To Play School
Image: Sources: ABC

Queer ABC meteorologist Nate Byrne has announced that he’s going to appear on Play School in what he describes a “dream come true.”

In a video posted to X (formerly Twitter), the Victorian weather presenter shared that he was on the set of the iconic kids show for their Science Time segment.

Nate said: “I’m so excited, it’s like bonus Play School but you get to do really cool experiments, and I get to be a part of it.

“I haven’t seen Little Ted or Jemima yet, but I’m sure they won’t be too late to rehearsals!” he joked. 

An appearance on Play School is the latest step in Nate’s Australian TV career so far – he’s most recognisable for his enthusiastic delivery of the weather forecast each morning on ABC’s New Breakfast.

Followers congratulated Nate on the appearance, saying that he had made it on Australian TV with a role on the long-running program. 

His ambitions don’t stop there though; Nate is hoping for a spot on Bluey, saying to an X follower that “There’s weather in the Blueyverse after all! 🤞🤞”

Nate Byrne’s TV career so far

Nate spoke to the Star Observer in January about his journey to the weather reporter position on the ABC, saying that he learned about meteorology and oceanography while in the Navy.

“That little bit of understanding is what pushed me back towards the weather,” he said, meaning he pursued a Master’s in science communication after leaving the Navy. “I had gotten some great advice from that programme, that if you see a job you like, call the number.” 

Deeply appreciative of his position and ability to be open about his sexuality on ABC, he was also quick to point out he was not the first.

He commented: “I never planned to be any sort of role model at all, but I try… to take that role that’s been given to me seriously.” 

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3 responses to “Nate Byrne Headed To Play School”

  1. I have loved Nate since seeing his beautiful kind face on ABC morning weather. Love all his colourful shirts that only highlights his disarming calming presence. He is easily THE openly or out gay man currently on the telly I would most be delighted in giving a warm cuddle. “SIGH!” How wonderful to be his significant other, (whenever there should be one).

  2. Nate also appeared as part of the commentary team for the Anzac Day march in Melbourne, and did very well.

  3. I love Nate doing the ABC weather so I’m sure he’ll do equally well with Play School.