St Kilda will soon have a rainbow road to celebrate the LGBTI community

St Kilda will soon have a rainbow road to celebrate the LGBTI community
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A St Kilda street will soon be transformed into a rainbow road in a show of support for LGBTI diversity and inclusion.

Port Phillip Council voted at last night’s council meeting to paint a rainbow flag along Jackson Street, in the heart of the Fitzroy Street precinct.

Work on painting the flag along 35 metres of Jackson Street, up to the intersection with Fitzroy Street, is expected to start around late August and take about four days.

Once completed, the rainbow road will be ready to be enjoyed by visitors and residents for at least two years—and is expected to be a prime spot for selfies.

Acting Mayor Dick Gross said St Kilda’s long-standing history with the LGBTI community, including the annual Midsumma Pride March along Fitzroy Street, makes it a perfect setting for the rainbow road.

“Jackson Street is also adjacent to where the Victorian Pride Centre will be built, so this is another way of recognising the past—and future—contributions of the LGBTIQ community to our city,” he said.

Gross said the colourful new landmark will also attract more people to St Kilda, and further raise the Fitzroy Street precinct’s profile as a visitor destination.

“The Fitzroy Street Business Association supports a rainbow road,” he said.

“And this very public celebration of diversity and inclusion reflects the Melbourne Ports electorate’s support for the LGBTIQ community, with 82 per cent voting Yes in one of strongest votes for marriage equality in Australia last year.”

The council will write to local businesses and residents before the works to inform them of traffic management arrangements and to give them the opportunity to ask questions.

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2 responses to “St Kilda will soon have a rainbow road to celebrate the LGBTI community”

  1. Another piece of rubbish from the CoPP council, we rate payers are not impressed, this area has not had a large Gay community for some years, there are no Gay venues and the reality is that most Gays live anywhere except here mostly I suspect north of the Yarra try Northcote or if you must find an area this side of the river it would have to be in the Windsor,Prahran area, the council has received funding for the new Pride Centre simply because the State Minister with the money for it is a local member!

  2. I lived in St kilda for 20 years but now reside in sri lanka post retirement. Always supported the Councils push for diversity and progressive philosophys.
    The huge juggernaught that was the LGBTI referendum for equal rights in marriage is now siccessful. I refrained from the vote because i beleived that the LONG road to Indigenous Rights was Orders of magnitude way more important.
    Can St Kilda…the progressive Council and more of its residents …please consider that indigenous folks have waited for 200 years plus for “some form” of recognition . There has been nothing but talk fests as far as i can remember. I am not an Australian citizen but have followed this debate from the “outside looking in” …
    Ive noticed recenrly that Victorian Govenment is in the process of considering a Treaty..for Victorian Indigenous peoples.
    I truly hope that one day when i visit Australia..this isdue eould also take up “juggernaught” status
    I pen these thoughts with the greatest of respect for my much loved LBGTI friends ….