New Study Defines Growers And Showers

New Study Defines Growers And Showers
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A new study has defined what constitutes being a grower or a shower. 

A grower is a penis that gets larger when hard. A shower is one that is similar in size when hard or soft.

Can Help In Surgical Decisions

The study, performed by doctors at the University Hospital HM Puerta del Sur in Madrid, Spain, looked at 225 patients. 

Presented at the European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress in Milan, Italy, the study classified penises which grew more than 56 percent as growers. Penises that grew less than 31 percent were classified as showers. The rest were classified as neither. 

24 percent of penises were growers while 25 percent were showers. 51 percent were in between.

According to lead researcher Dr. Manuel Alonso-Isa, the findings could help during surgery.  

“It is important to be able to predict if a patient is a grower or a shower as when we see them, they are usually in a flaccid state.”

Alonso-Isa continued, “If they grow a lot when they get an erection, it might mean they need a different surgical approach compared to someone who doesn’t grow much.”

More Study Needed

The director of male urology at Yale University Dr. Stanton Honig said that more study is needed. 

”It does not comment as to whether men who have shorter penises are more likely to grow than men with longer penises, so further work is necessary here.”

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